Funny: Reflets d'Acide

  • Trichelieu. Almost every line he says is either a Double Entendre or a very tendantious pop culture reference. Hell, even the items he touches (books, magic devices...) gives well hidden Double Entendre.
  • When the team meets with Trichelieu for the first time and tries to decide weither they will recruit him or not. The following dialogues follow:
    Wrandrall: Could you heal our wounds?
    Trichelieu: Sure, but who is he?
    Wrandrall: Who is who?
    Trichelieu: Well, Orwounds!
    Wrandrall: But Our wounds isn't a name, you moron!
    Trichelieu: Of course not, it probably is an alias.
    Zehirmann: NO! Our wounds, like Our injuries!
    Trichelieu: Sooo, he has two different names?
    Zehirmann: OUR-WOUNDS! Cuts, bleedings, burns.... things that will happen to you if you keep on not understanding a damn thing!
  • Alia-Aenor being attacked by bandits on the road:
    Alia-Aenor (human form, with her cute girl voice): You are all gonna die. (the bandits laugh)
    Bandit: Of course! We are ALL gonna die one day, that's part of life!
    Alia-Aenor (turn into her dragon form, with her dragon voice): You are all gonna die.
    Bandit: Okaaaaaaaay, now that's bad.
  • The presentation of the heroes after they met, in Episode 1. All of it.
    Narrator: (talking about Zehirmann) Red skin; red hair; red eyes.
    Wrandrall: (amused) Let me guess; his favourite colour is...
    Zehirmann: Blue.
    Wrandrall: ... Oookay...
  • Some of the Snark-to-Snark Combat between Zarakai and Enoriel are comedy gold:
    Enoriel: Actually, I wonder if the smell isn't coming from you... did you happen to eat dead rats, lastly?
    • Also, the sheer idiocy of Zarakai is always hilarious, especially when pointed out by Enoriel.
      (The group is traveling through a cave without much light)
      Zarakai: Wait, let me switch into Infravision...
      Zehirmann: Do you see something?
      Zarakai:Yes, a bat, sleeping.
      Zehirmann: Hm.
      Zarakai: And here, another bat sleeping... Here, a bald Troll grinning...
      The Whole Group: HUH!!??
      Zarakai : And another bat sleeping...
      Enoriel: Wait, wait... You've seen a Troll!?
      Zarakai: Huh, well yes; he's bald, he's grinning and... *growl* Oh SHIT, a Troll!!!
      Enoriel: Indeed, you moron!
  • When the group meets with the Ogre DDE, who agrees to let them pass only if they pay. Cue Zarakai protesting:
    Zarakai: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! We are five, he is alone!
    Zehirmann: Oh come on, Zarakai... the Ogre is just doing his job...
    Zarakai: Don't care!
    Wandrall: He doesn't look easy-going!
    Zarakai: Don't care!
    Zarakai: Don't care!
    Enoriel: He is five meters tall!
    Zehirmann: I am not sure this is the way we should reason...
    • The others then keep discussing to convince Zarakai for three long hours, during which the conversation somehow derives on who is stronger between the Elephant, the Hippo and the Rhino. This leads to an accidental case of Talking the Monster to Death, since DDE ends up falling asleep out of boredom.
  • The Mirror Match, in Episode 11, is a Crowning Moment of Awesome in itself; you have four great one-on-one fights, with a voiceover giving the results of the dice and their consequences, as in a real tabletop roleplaying fight. Zehirmann boastfully fights with his powerful magic, Enoriel with the elegance of his blade, Wrandrall is clumsy but touching and poetic... Meanwhile, with Zarakaļ...
    Zarakai: You fake dwarf! Take THIS!
    Voiceover: (purely descriptive) Powerful Hit; right arm ripped off.
    Zarakai: Yeah! Get out! *shouts loudly*
    Voiceover: Powerful Hit; left arm ripped off.
    Zarakai: How's that? No arms left? Can't blow your nose anymore? Come here, I'll GIVE YOU A HAND!!! *shouts loudly*
    Voiceover: Critical Hit. Target: Head. Hammered in. Dies in a violent and messy way.
    Zarakai: Hoo boy! Look at all that snot! Hohohahaha!
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