Funny / Pro Wrestling Guerilla

  • Team Tremendous taking Joey Ryan's lollipop as evidence.
  • Zack Sabre Jr. starting off his speech to Roderick Strong and Adam Cole with "Hello, Roderick. Hello, cocksucker."
  • The slow-motion part of the ten-man tag match at BOLA 2014.
    • At BOLA 2015, the ten-man tag match had wrestlers recognising things that happened in 2014's ten-man tag match and not playing along.
    • Also at BOLA 2015, Mark Andrews and Andrew Everett playing along with the slow motion until they got up to the top rope and acknowledged that they can't exactly do flips in slow motion.
    • BOLA 2016 had a ten man tag match. Jushin Liger was in the match and he started the slow motion. He also tried to force another guy to shove his thumb up [Liger's] butt.
  • ACH temporarily becoming Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • Chuck Taylor beating Kikutaro in about one minute.
  • Adam Cole forcing the ring announcer to read a note with his own special ring introduction. It starts off with a standard list of Cole's PWG accomplishments, then...
    Ring Announcer: ....and hurt shoulder or not, he will beat the hell out of ACH...
    (crowd gasps and Cole makes a "wait, what?" expression)
    (crowd boos and starts chanting "That's just racist!" while Cole gleefully flips everybody off)
    Commentator #1: Awwww, brother, brother brother....
    Ring Announcer: In the event of a "That was racist" chant, you can suck my dick!!
    (Cole flips off Alexander and thrusts his crotch some fifty times)
    Commentator #2: It's on the note.
    • And then Alexander kicks Cole's head off.
  • The dance-off between the Inner City Machine Guns and Los Gueros Del Cielo.
    • Rich Swann dropping himself on his head by accident.
  • Angelico vs Jack Evans, where most of the match consisted of Jack cutting a promo about how Angelico is terrible and Jack has to do all the work in their matches.
  • Jeff Cobb shrugging off a piledriver from Chris Hero, pointing out himself that one cannot piledrive that which has no neck.
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Akira Tozawa. The first four minutes consisted of nothing but the crowd constantly chanting and the combatants lampshading that they hadn't so much as thrown a punch yet, until they pretended to just conclude the match because clearly it'd already hit its peak.
  • During a tag match against the World's Cutest Tag Team, Chuck Taylor refuses to hit Candice LeRae and walks out of the match. He later returns dressed in drag and goes right after LeRae.
    Kevin Steen: (on commentary) He looks like Nicole Bass!
  • The Young Bucks' Running Gag of superkicking the PWG ring announcer Angelo least until they go for it too many times and Trinidad nails them both with a double clothesline.