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Funny: Press Your Luck
  • The Facebook game has one: If none of the players on a "Whammy Round" question get it wrong — either by answering correctly or using a wildcard to pass on it — the Whammy walks out, sad and hands in his pockets. He then pulls the pockets out to reveal they're empty, and then kneels on the ground and has a round of silent Inelegant Blubbering. His tears almost fill the space...only for a hand to come from above and pull out a stopper plug on the floor, draining the tears (and the Whammy) off the screen.
  • On the series, whenever a contestant landed on an Undesirable Prize (say, a Flokati Rug), Peter would ask "Stop at a [undesirable prize]! What is an [undesirable prize]?!"
  • Some of the Whammies, including one that lampshaded contestants' cries of "Big Bucks!" by bringing out a large deer.
    Whammy: All I hear is "Big Bucks! Big Bucks!" I've got your big buck! (deer walks on-screen) Heh, heh.
  • April 3, 1984: Karen Martin asking for, and getting, a "pool table for Dan" [her husband]. She hit a Whammy later that round.
  • October 22, 1984: Mabel won by default because the two other contestants hit four Whammies. Unfortunately, her score was $0, which caused Peter to stumble around a bit in total disbelief. When the show returned from break and he had composed himself:
    Peter Tomarken: Press Your Luck winner Mabel, now is the time when Rod Roddy tells you everything you've won! Rod?
    Rod Roddy: Yes, Peter?
    Peter: What'd she win?
    Rod: Bupkis!
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