Funny / Press Your Luck

  • The Facebook game has one: If none of the players on a "Whammy Round" question get it wrong (either by answering correctly or using a wildcard to pass on it), the Whammy walks out sad, hands in his pockets. He then pulls the pockets out to reveal they're empty, and then kneels on the ground and has a round of silent Inelegant Blubbering. His tears almost fill the space...only for a hand to come from above and pull out a stopper plug on the floor, draining the tears (and the Whammy) off the screen.
  • On the series, whenever a contestant landed on an Undesirable Prize (say, a Flokati Rug), Peter would ask "Stop at a [undesirable prize]! What is an [undesirable prize]?!"
  • Any time Peter hits a Whammy for his opening spin.
  • The Whammy that lampshaded contestants' cries of "Big Bucks!" by bringing out a large deer. It's even more amusing when you realize that the Whammies were generally voiced by franchise creator Bill Carruthers.
    Whammy: All I hear is "Big Bucks! Big Bucks!" — I've got your big buck! (deer walks on-screen) Heh, heh.
  • The "Spin Battle" between Cathy and Lori. The two just could not stop landing on "$X + One Spin" spaces and passing the extra spins back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, with Cathy growing more and more incredulous the longer the spin-passing stretched on...until she hit a Whammy on the ninth consecutive passed spin, and lost her entire bank and composure.
  • March 23, 1984: Peter dances along with the Michael Jackson Whammy.
  • April 3, 1984: Karen Martin asking for, and getting, a "pool table for Dan" [her husband]. She hit a Whammy later that round.
  • May 19, 1984: Michael Larson buzzes in too early on a question and pays the price for it:
    Peter Tomarken: You've probably got President Franklin D. Roosevelt in your pocket or purse right now, because his likeness is on the head side—(Michael buzzes in) Michael?
    Michael: $50-bill.
    Peter: —of what American coin? (Michael winces and looks down in disbelief)note 
  • Tomarken's astonished reaction at the end of Michael Larson's run.
    Peter Tomarken: We'll be back. We'll be back sometime.
  • October 22, 1984: Mabel won by default because the two other contestants hit four Whammies. Unfortunately, her score was $0, which caused Peter to stumble around a bit in total disbelief. When the show returned from break and he had composed himself:
    Peter Tomarken: Press Your Luck winner Mabel, now is the time when Rod Roddy tells you everything you've won! Rod?
    Rod Roddy: Yes, Peter?
    Peter: What'd she win?
    Rod: Bupkis!
    ** Unfortunately, she lost her next game, and since she had won nothing her first game, she received the same consolation prizes that the other loser from her second game won.
  • March 12, 1986: Peter imitates the windsurfer from the Bahamas prize film.
  • The April Fools episode (unaired) where three deadpan contestants nearly drove Peter into a conniption. Three questions, one spin. Watch the hilarity here.
    Rod Roddy: APRIL FOOLS!
    [the Whammy foghorn plays for Peter as everyone has a good laugh]