Funny: The Pretender

  • In "Back From the Dead Again", Miss Parker goes to visit Mr Raines in the infirmary: "You were expecting Florence Nightingale?"
    • Jarod going trick-or-treating as the scariest thing he can imagine: Mr. Raines.
    • After Jarod demonstrates he intends to bury him alive, the villain of the episode calls him crazy:
      Jarod: Uh-uh-uh! That is not a very smart thing to say to a man with a shovel!
  • Jarod naming an alligator "Miss Parker."
  • Jarod literally trapping Miss Parker and a team of Sweepers like cockroaches by taking a certain pheromone from lots and lots of cockroaches and putting it on his doormat, then buying tons and tons of cockroach traps and spreading the stuff from that (which reacts with the pheromone, creating an adhesive) all over his floor.
  • Broots' freaking out every time he meets up with Jarod.