Awesome: Press Your Luck

  • One game featured a returning champ named Greg who had three Whammies and four spins left, with the leader over $11,000 and another player still to play. Greg took two spins to get into second place, then passed the spins along to the leader, who hit a Whammy on the final passed spin, losing over $13,500. The player who won the right to play last took her total to over $10,000 (with Greg sitting at $3,500) and passed her final two spins to Greg, who had to make up a $6,000 difference without hitting a Whammy. Greg's first passed spin was worth $500, taking him to $4,000, but would need a "+ One Spin" square to stay alive. Amazingly, he hit $5,000 + One Spin with his last spin and decided to play the new final spin himself...and hit $2,000 to pass the leader and take the win in an incredible comeback fashion.
  • A contestant won over $21,000 without hitting a Whammy, despite having to take eight passed spins in Round 2.
  • Anytime a contestant retires undefeated or wins over $25,000.
  • Michael Larson figuring out that the Big Board actually used about 5-6 patterns rather than the perceived random bouncing light, gaming the system for $110,237.
  • During the third and final Home Player Sweepstakes, a home viewer won $5,000!