Awesome / Press Your Luck

  • One game featured a returning champ named Greg who had three Whammies and four spins left, with the leader over $11,000 and another player still to play. Greg took two spins to get into second place, then passed the spins along to the leader, who hit a Whammy on the final passed spin, losing over $13,500. The player who won the right to play last took her total to over $10,000 (with Greg sitting at $3,500) and passed her final two spins to Greg, who had to make up a $6,000 difference without hitting a Whammy. Greg's first passed spin was worth $500, taking him to $4,000, but would need a "+ One Spin" square to stay alive. Amazingly, he hit $5,000 + One Spin with his last spin and decided to play the new final spin himself...and hit $2,000 to pass the leader and take the win in an incredible comeback fashion.
  • A contestant won over $21,000 without hitting a Whammy, despite having to take eight passed spins in Round 2.
  • Anytime a contestant retires undefeated or wins over $25,000.
  • Michael Larson figuring out that the Big Board actually used about 5-6 patterns rather than the perceived random bouncing light, gaming the system for $110,237. How he did it was even more awesome. He taped the show for several months, and watched them in slow motion until he had memorized the specific patterns before coming to the show. His Awesome by Analysis is why the production staff had to revamp the board, and also why CBS increased the winnings cap from $25,000 to $50,000.
  • During the third and final Home Player Sweepstakes, a home viewer won $5,000!