Funny / Persona

  • Battle ~ Tesso (also called "Child Abuse" in the PSX version) manages to be Crowning Music of Awesome and a Crowning Moment of Funny when you consider that the game was normally pretty serious...and then all of a sudden here comes this robot cat.
  • After defeating Tesso and during the meeting with Tsutomu, Masao and Kei go at it again, with the fifth member telling them to stop. Elly has it the best where she just snaps after them.
  • After The Reveal, the party needs to get back to Maki, asking little Maki to get to her:
    Masao: Maki, we need to get to Maki to stop the other Maki, can you help us Maki? Wow, that was strange.
  • The drugstore song, which is both an in-universe Ear Worm for Nanjo and a pretty good condensed tutorial for items.
  • While fighting a boss..
    Yog Soloth Jr.: (Gibberish)
    Mark: Shut up!
  • About Chris/Reiji...
    Mark: ...For all we know, he's the type of person who practices magic at home.
    • Turns out he's completely correct.
  • "Let's get funky!"
  • The PSX version has Mary sometimes say "You're dead!" when she uses a Persona. She might say this even if she's using a Persona to heal someone.
  • Almost any time Kei snarks on you for gambling no matter what situation you're in.