Nightmare Fuel / Persona

  • The first real dungeon in the original Persona can be a surprise, considering the music. Well, just think of a theme that says "Welcome to Hell" better than this.
  • The final boss from Persona, Pandora. Her boss intro speaks for itself.
  • Remember Apathy Syndrome? Its Older Than They Think. The bad ending for the Snow Queen quest has the "Night Queen" (aka Nyx) freeze everyone, for the same reasons of it's what humanity wants. And...the final cutscene...just...the final cutscene...
  • The way the manga depicts Mara's summoning. The crotchety professor is making his rounds at night, and discovers chubby Kenta gorging himself on the school's fridge. He begins wailing on the kid, until all of a sudden, Kenta goes very, very quiet, and something begins stirring under his shirt. A moment later, the shirt bursts open, revealing a gigantic, fanged penile snake emerging from a deranged Kenta's gut.