Funny / Ocarina Of Time Versus

  • The segments at the start of each video that sum up the plot of the game in between the dungeons and other parts shown in the Versus, and are done in an Abridged Series style.
  • The Running Gag of "SHUT UP, NAVI!"
  • Tyler's reaction to Josh beating King Dodongo before he even started the fight (thanks to Josh convincing him for a long time that Tyler was in front).
  • The Running Gag in episode 3 of Kaepora Gaebora interrupting to inform them "I'm an owl."
  • The story Tyler told that his grandpa told him is hilarious.
  • In another video they had described the concept of Versus as being 'a game within a game'. Then during episode 3 they both end up fighting a miniboss at the exact same time so decide to hold a mini-versus over who can beat it first, making it 'a game within a game within a game'. So Tyler then suggests they play a word game while doing it so they can have 'a game within a game within a game within a game'.
  • After Tyler passes him, Josh claims that he is going to speed-run the rest of the dungeon.
    Tyler: Well what do you think I'm doing? You think I'm not speeding-running it?
    Josh: Speeding-running it?
    Tyler: Speeding-running.
    Josh: At least I can speak properly. I may lose this tum-this tumble? FUCK!
  • The "CHICKEN!" Madness Mantra from episode 4.
  • The entire Bombchu Bowling minigame from episode 4, where Tyler runs out of Rupees, has to go and grind for them, and by the time he's come back, Josh is still stuck where he was before. It comes down to the wire and Tyler wins!
  • The intro to the second part of Episode 4. Words cannot do it justice.
    • Tyler Cinching the victory from Josh at the last second, entirely because of Josh's stupidity note 
    • What makes this even better is Josh's earlier claim that the only way Tyler would beat him was if he did something stupid.
  • In episode 5, while talking about how deep Chuggaaconroy is, Tyler randomly starts singing "America the Beautiful", with Josh joining in at the climax. He then declares that The Throbbing Masses are back together!
    • Tyler says he wishes he was a skeleton, Josh replies he is a skeleton, just covered up with other stuff. Then later Tyler says he wishes he was a flaming skull, and Josh tries to make the same joke again, even though it no longer works.
  • The entire recap portion of episode 6, which has Josh talking like a rapper while muffled rap music plays in the background.
    • The whole "my ballsack smells like Anju" Running Gag.
      • Episode 6's signoff:
    Josh: I've been JoshJepson
    Tyler: ...I'm Anju.
    Josh: And you smell like ballsack.
    Tyler: (singing) And you look like one, too!
    • Tyler comes up with the idea for "Ocarina of Time: The Musical", then threatens anyone who steals the idea with an absurdly graphic punishment.
    • This entire conversation; may be slightly misquoted:
    Josh: (to Tyler) Where are you, right now, in the world?
    Josh: No, in the Zelda know what I mean!
    Tyler: I'm in Terminia(sic).
    Josh: No...
    Josh: Okay...well then, I'm gonna win this episode, I think!
    Josh: I think you've gotten too far ahead of yourself...
    • How the episode ends: Josh gets the Biggoron's Sword, but hadn't made ANY mention that he was close to getting it for the past several minutes. So once he gets it, he just suddenly starts giving an out-tro, much to Tyler's confusion.
  • Episode 7 ends similarly, save that it's Tyler giving Josh a taste of his own medicine. Josh being utterly baffled at the very end of the video really makes it a hilarious moment.
  • Episode 8 has Tyler repeatedly trying and failing miserably to make a Soviet Russia joke.
    Tyler: In Soviet fire don't melt ice.
    Josh: Quit while you're behind.
  • The intro to episode 9 consists of Josh narrating the game in a Valley Girl voice. This is made even better by just how reluctant Josh is to do it.
    • Tyler somehow even convinced him to use the word "ratchet" as slang, despite Josh vehemently expressing his hatred of the word during a Mario 64 video.
  • In episode 9 part 2, Josh laughing uproariously at a comment Tyler hadn't intended to be funny.
  • During the Water Temple, Tyler makes a mistake and forgets to get a key, which puts him far behind Josh. He spends the rest of the temple bemoaning how that screw-up could cost him the win...which it did.
    • The end of the Water Temple. Even though Josh wins, Tyler still manages to nearly make him have a heart attack:
    Tyler: Thank you all for watching!
    Josh: Well, hang on, I need to get the fucking heart!
    Tyler: Oh, you haven't yet?
    Josh: I beat the boss!
    Tyler: (Still fighting the boss) Oh, well I'm just going into the portal right now!
    Josh: No you're not.
    Tyler: Yes I am!
    Josh: No you're not.
    Tyler: Did I- Did I just win?
    Josh: WHAT?!
    Tyler: Did I just win?!
    Tyler: (Laughing Mad)
    Josh: HOW? Huh? HUH?! WHAT?!
    Tyler: ...I'm just fucking with ya.
    Josh: Oh, okay, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!
  • Josh complaining that Tyler always brings up "shitty music" in every single video and they keep having the exact same conversation every time. Ironically, Josh's complaining about it itself then becomes a Running Gag.
  • While entering the Shadow Temple:
    Tyler: Hey everybody, welcome back to Ocarina of Time Versus! I'm AttackingTucans!
    Josh: (Fighting the camera) I'm an awkward camera angle!
    Both: *Laughter*
  • While they're discussing what they would call their hot dog business (Throbbing Masses Hot Dogs), Tyler wonders whether or not they would circumcise the hot dogs.
  • Josh and Tyler play the "Silent Game" in Episode 11 part 1. It lasts a good 23 seconds before they both burst out laughing.
  • The intro to Episode 12.
  • In episode 13 Josh's stupidity strikes again: He makes the wrong choice in a dialogue tree at the beginning, prolonging the conversation, and then he forgets the map and a gold skulltula. The kicker comes when Tyler subtitles Josh's screen with the items crying for him to come back.
    • Even worse in episode 14 when he completely forgot the Boss Key right as he approached the Boss Door.
      Josh: FUCK!
  • Tyler "roleplaying" in the bloopers of Episode 15.
  • In episode 16, Josh tries to announce his win in the usual way, only for Tyler to completely ignore him and keep on a tangent he was singing about previously, causing the winner to get angry at the loser for not acknowledging him.
  • The episode summary for the final episode, especially this:
    Josh Narration: And then that girl Zelda gave Link the Light Arrows, yeah dawg, roof roof!
    • Tyler has a couple of Malapropisms involving people's names in the finale, including giving Extreme Home Makeover`s presenter Ty Pennington's name as "Tom Hanks" and, when asked to name a professional tennis player, saying "Michele Bachmann".
    • Not to mention Tyler finally admitting that he listens to shitty music.
    Josh: YOU ADMIT IT!
    • There was also Josh's reaction to losing his first full versus to Tyler.
    Josh: You know what my favorite part of the versus was?
    Tyler: What?
  • And, even though it came nearly a year late, the Loser Challenge delivers in many different ways. Poor Josh has to consume a smoothie/milkshake/hell-blend of Lon-Lon almondmilk, spinach (leaves from the Forest Temple), hot sauce (lava from the resting place of Volvagia), water (from the body of Morpha), coffee beans (lost souls captured in the Shadow Temple) and chucky salsa (from the Spirit Temple?).
    • The whole thing is a disaster from start to finish. Our unlucky contestant can barely manage to get the concoction into his mouth before gagging and retching violently for several minutes. For bonus points, the moment when Josh attempts to drink the smoothie is accompanied by the "Opening Treasure Chest" jingle from Legend of Zelda, which peters out as he chokes and spits it out.
      • Made even worse by the fact that Josh had already done the Loser Challenge before that point. The original recording was lost and he had to do it again so people would stop thinking he hadn't followed through on it.