Funny / Nero Wolfe

  • In the 1966 novel Death of a Doxy Wolfe — who 'hates women' to the point of leaving his office in panic if a female suspect cries, and refuses any personal contact at all — instructs Archie to find a nightclub singer named Julie Jacquette and bring her in for questioning. When she arrives, she immediately struts up to Wolfe's desk, performing an improvised cabaret routine (the lyrics begin, "Big man, go-go, big man, go big!") He stares at her, completely befuddled, then accuses Archie of having staged it. She interrupts to tell him that "Nobody suggests anything to me!" Wolfe is intrigued, continues the conversation, and eventually becomes openly solicitous of her, having recognised that "your opinion of our fellow beings and their qualities is somewhat similar to mine."
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