Awesome / Nero Wolfe

  • Wolfe makes J. Edgar Hoover wait on his doorstep in The Doorbell Rang. And in the same story, the method used to smuggle Saul, Fred, and Orrie into the house.
    "I have nothing for him. Let him get a sore finger."
  • Wolfe's reaction to food that's been tampered with in Bitter End:
    "That will do, Archie." Wolfe put down his empty glass. I had never heard his tone more menacing. "I am not impressed with your failure to understand this abominable outrage. I might bring myself to tolerate it if some frightened or vindictive person shot me to death, but this is insupportable." He made the growling noise again. "My food. You know my attitude toward food." He aimed a rigid finger at the jar, and his voice trembled with ferocity. "Whoever put that in there is going to regret it."
  • Wolfe's confrontation with the murderer in Eeny Meeny Murder Moe. To put in context, this person had not only brutally dispatched someone in Wolfe's own office (while he was up in the plant rooms and Archie had stepped out briefly), but used Wolfe's discarded necktie to do it.
    "There's the phone. Why don't you use it?"
    "Because Madame, 25 hours ago in this room you inflicted upon me the worst humiliation I have experienced in many years and now I am getting even with you. To put it bluntly, I'm enjoying watching you squirm."