Theatre: Journey's End

A play written by R.C. Sherriff and first performed in 1928, it tells the story of a group of middle-ranked members of the British army. The overall premise is "War is both unpleasant and unnecessary." However, it is shot through with a vein of dark humour, particularly from Mason and Trotter, making it ring much truer than many of its doom-and-gloom imitators.

The main characters are:
  • Capt. Dennis Stanhope, the Shell-Shocked Senior (a rather tragic example, he's in his early 20s). He drinks heavily to deal with the war but won't take any time off because of a sense of duty and a fear that everyone he knows at home, including his fiancée, will find out what he's become.
  • Lt. Osborne, Stanhope's fatherly second in command
  • Second Lt. Jimmy Raleigh, Stanhope's old schoolfriend and future brother-in-law
  • Second Lt. Trotter, the token working-class officer
  • Second Lt. Hibbert, an officer who's as traumatised as Stanhope. He hopes to get home by faking illness.
  • Pvt. Mason, the officers' unnamed Deadpan Snarker chef

This play includes these tropes:

Alternative Title(s):

Journeys End