Funny / Marvel Mash-Up

Since this is mainly a professionally-done abridged series, you'll definitely find lots of funny stuffs, including characters bashing the 'lazy animators', out-of-character running gags, and something you don't see on the actual shows.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

  • Goblin vs Spider-Man have a fight but their fight is more disturbing..
    Spider-Man: Looks like someone needs a hug!
  • Green Goblin: Let me introduce you to the tiny man who lives inside my eyeball.
    Norman Osborn: (mixing chemicals while humming) I'm mixing some chemicals I dunno why. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Just going mix this guy here and this guy here. (suddenly explodes) OWH MY FACE! MY ENTIRELY AVERAGE FACE!!
    Green Goblin: Nice guy but not a great chemist.
  • Goblin: I ACCEPT YOUR DARE OF CRASHING INTO THE POWER LINES, SPIDER-MAN! I'M NOT AFRAID! (terrified Aside Glance) I'm very, very afraid.
  • Magneto lifting Spider-Man prompting :
    Spider-Man: How are you lifting me? I am not made of metal!
  • Magneto complaining about his 'tight helmet' that the folks gifts him.
  • "Do the PUNCH!!!"
  • Cops complaining regarding Spider-Man not handing a case of jewelry to them but dropping it, making all the jewelry spread all over the street .
  • Who knew Red Skull loves the party? Hell, anything that he does and says becomes a Funny Moment, especially his heavily German accent.
  • "1! 2! 3! 4! I can't do this anymore T_T"
  • "Human Train. Choo! Choo!" That is all!
  • Iceman's unorthodox way to celebrate winter.
  • Juggernaut
    • "USE THE DOOR!"
    • Doing peekaboo and making Wolverine laugh silly.
  • "This show is ridiculous!"
  • Spider-man on a date with a girl (with her whole family)
  • "I'm not a Norse Star. I'm Loki. I'm a ROCK Star!"
  • Captain America's 'over-the-top' patriot towards America.
  • "Did someone say STRANGE!!!"

Incredible Hulk

  • The increasingly crazy reasons Bruce has to turn into the Hulk, among which are Rick Jones' bad breath and frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Karaoke time with Dr.Octopus.
  • "All Hail The Plane God!!"
  • Meet the man with the longest handshake of all the Amazon.
    • "Wow Miami sure changed you!" "Hulk No Like Tan Line!"
  • Hulk doesn't like layout and rearrange the furniture by breaking it.
    Rick: Hulk Stop it! You're breaking my stuff!
    Hulk: Hulk not breaking stuff! (incredulous voice) Hulk redecorate.
    Rick:You always do this after you watch interior design shows!
  • Smiling Contest between Quasimodo and the Hulk
    • And later both of them dancing. Too bad both of them won't be appearing in "Dancing with the Superheroes."
  • Puppet Master: Now will you excuse me I need to rub my hands together for another hour.
  • Rick's long speech about how bad is Bruce's breath.
  • General Ross telling the base about how he lost his pet gerbil Mr. Wiggles.

The Fantastic Four

  • As mentioned above:
    Reed: Looks like they forgot to draw wheels on the Fantasti-Car! I hope we can land it safely.
    Sue: There's nothing I hate more than lazy animators!
  • The narrator failing to make sense of what looks like Sue flying an overturned refrigerator through a sideways diamond storm and shielding herself with red mood lighting.


  • A little kid dressed as Spider-Man's indignant response to Aunt May asking what he's supposed to be dressed as for Halloween, until he sarcastically responds "Dracula."
    Aunt May: Oh yes, what a scary Dracula.
    • And then the kid just gets more pissed when Aunt May gives him a cough-drop.
      Aunt May: That's a laxative, dearie.
  • Any time the narrator makes a crack about the terrible Limited Animation
    Narrator: Quickly the animators add another three inches to Donald Blake's fingers, allowing him to grab his stick and transform into Thor!