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Funny: Marvel Mash Up
Since this is mainly an abridge series, you'll definitely find lots of funny stuffs including characters bashing the 'lazy animators', running gag and something you don't see on the actual show.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

  • Goblin vs Spiderman have a fight but their fight is more disturbing..
  • Let me introduce you to the tiny man who live inside my eyeball
    Norman Osborn: (mixing chemicals while humming) I'm mixing some chemicals I dunno why. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Just going mix this guy here and this guy here. (suddenly explodes) OWH MY FACE! MY ENTIRELY AVERAGE FACE!!
    Green Goblin: Nice guy but not a great chemist.
  • Magneto lifting Spiderman prompting :
    Spider-Man: How are you lifting me? I am not made of metal!
  • Magneto complaining about his 'tight helmet' that the folks gifts him.
  • Do the PUNCH!!!
  • Cops complaining regarding Spider-Man not handing to them but drop it, making all the jewelry spread all over the street .
  • Who knew Red Skull loves the party.
    • Hell anything that he does and says especially his heavily German accent.
  • "1! 2! 3! 4! I can't do this anymore T_T"
  • "Human Train. Choo! Choo!" That is all!
  • Iceman's unorthodox way to celebrate winter.
  • Juggernaut
    • "USE THE DOOR!"
    • Doing peekaboo making Wolverine laughing silly
  • "This show is ridiculous!"
  • Spider-man on a date with a girl (with her whole family)
  • Loki: I'm not a North Star. I'm Loki. I'm a ROCK Star!
  • Captain America's 'over-the-top' patriot towards America.
  • "Did someone say STRANGE!!!"

Incredible Hulk

  • The increasingly crazy reasons Bruce turns into the Hulk, among which are Rick Jones' bad breath and frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Karaoke time Dr.Octopus.
  • All Hail The Plane God!!
  • Meet the man with the longest handshake of all the Amazon.
    • "Wow Miami sure change you!"
    • "Hulk No Like Tad Line!"
  • Hulk doesn't like layout and rearrange the furniture by breaking it.
    Rick: Hulk Stop it! You're breaking my stuff!
    Hulk: Hulk not breaking stuff! (incredulous voice) Hulk redecorate.
    Rick:You always do this after you watch interior design shows!
  • Smiling Contest between Quasimodo and the Hulk
    • And later both of them dancing.
  • Puppet Master: Now will you excuse me I need to rub my hands together for another hour.
  • Rick's longest speech about how bad is Bruce's breath.
  • General Ross telling the base about how he lost his pet gerbil Mr. Wiggles.

The Fantastic Four


  • A little kid dressed as Spider-Man's indignant response to Aunt May asking what he's supposed to be dressed as for Halloween, until he sarcastically responds "Dracula."
    Aunt May: Oh yes, what a scary Dracula.
    • And then the kid just gets more pissed when Aunt May gives him a cough-drop.
      Aunt May: That's a laxative, dearie.
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