Funny: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

  • Flapjack barges into Doctor Barber's place, while he is treating a patient in a darkly-lit room. Doctor Barber turns around and is all covered in red stuff, looking menacing. He then takes a step to the side, kindly asking if Flapjack wants a strawberry-jam sandwich; and there is a plate of strawberry jam sandwiches lying on the patient's stomach.
  • Most of the Nightmare Fuel moments also qualify as this, which means there are LOTS of these:
  • Two Words: Overall Enthusiasm
  • Grow up? I'm only 38-years old!
  • WAT?
  • Remember kids, Captain K'nuckles is easily impressed.
    K'nuckles: (to the Colonel) You may have Flap and the rich lady under your spell, but it's going to take more that to impress m-
    Colonel: (does a back flip)
    • When Flapjack first pretends to be Colonel:
      Lady Nickelbottoms: Is that really the Colonel?
      Charles: I don't think so, milady. Shall I take him to the pound to have him fixed?
      (Flapjack is immediately horrified)
      Lady Nickelbottoms: Oh heavens no!
      (Flapjack's pleased...)
      Lady Nickelbottoms: You can fix him out back.
      (And then Flap's grin slowly reverses into a frown)
      Lady Nickelbottoms: But do it gently.
      Charles: Milady.
  • While it may be Nightmare Fuel for some, the moon from "Lost at Land" has it's moments.
    The Moon: (laughs) '''That's not an island...
  • Any time the background singers narrate what is happening or repeat a line of dialogue is guaranteed to be a CMoF.
  • In "Mechanical Genie Island", K'nuckles is fed up with being a mechanical genie's slave, freaks out and quits. It has to be seen to be believed.