Funny / Longmire

"Sound and Fury"
  • when a criminal has Henry as a hostage, he asks Longmire what he is worth to him. Longmire states that he has known him since he was a boy only to state he has $20 on him. Henry can't seem to help but give Longmire a "you can't be serious" look.
    • And then later after disarming the guy, Henry compliments him on his shot. Longmire just comments he couldn't let the guy take his truck.
  • In regards to the bit above, Walt specifically says "I got $20 in my pocket." A certain song comes to mind.
  • Then there is the time Henry's girlfriend calls him up to flirt with him... while the lines are being listened to by the police.
    Henry: Deena, the police are recording this phone call.
    Deena: I bet they are, 'cause what I wanna to do you is against the law.
  • Walt finds out that his daughter Cady has been working at the Red Pony parttime, and he doesn't seem happy about it. But shortly afterwards, Cady finds out that a "hot guy" at a certain table was a potential hitman. The smile on Walt's face when he says "Yeah. These are the kind of people you come across when you work in a bar" is just has such a smartass Take That to it, given the context.
"A Good Death is Hard to Find"
  • When Walt tells Branch that they're going to go see Lucian, the look on Branch's face clearly says "Let's not".
  • The cowboy's "poetry" when Walt enters the Red Pony.
    "The ideal woman is like a good cowboy stew-
    Meaty and saucy and easy to chew.
    Her spuds should be yummy without being gummy
    And her scent should never turn your face blue."
  • And then, following that, Henry and Lucian's reactions.
    Walt: Lucian, we need to talk.
    Lucian: (Grinning) Good, 'cause this here boy's a few iambs short of a full pentameter anyway.
    Walt: (To Henry) Can we use your office?
    Henry: (Flatly, as he pours a great deal of alcohol into his own glass) And miss all this?