Trivia / Longmire

  • Actor Allusion: Peter Weller plays Longmire's predecessor (and Branch's uncle), Lucian Connally. He manages to see retirement this time around, unlike his last job in Old Detroit.
    • A subtle, possibly unintentional one in the pilot when discussing the prostitution ring being run out of the Rez it's said that one of the Johns wanted to "Pocahontas." Irene Bedard, who plays a minor role in the episode, was the voice of the animated version of Pocahontas.
  • Fake American: Robert Taylor (Longmire) is Australian.
  • Playing Against Type: Graham Greene is famous for his peaceful, stoic mentor roles, but here he plays the horribly corrupt and Faux Affably Evil ex-Reservation Police chief Malachai Strand.