Funny: Look Around You

  • Bumcivilian. The funniest word ever made up.
  • Imhotep is invisible.
  • The following Incredibly Lame Pun from the iron episode - (paraphrased) "The iron pyramid is connected to an alternating current from the mains as well as a direct current from a battery. We're using AC/DC because it's heavy metal."
  • An enormous pair of scissors has appeared.
  • "Machadaynu!"
  • Thanks Tchaikovsky. Thaikovsky.
  • "Probably about ..5.05 Mg" (read point-point five point oh five microgallons)
  • The "Little Mouse" song.
  • The Incredibly Scary Picture from series 2. Great effort is taken to point out before it's first appearance how scary it is, with a stock "those of a nervous disposition look away now" only for the incredibly tame picture (A bear and a skeleton) to appear late. The image continues to appear at random throughout the rest of the episode.
  • "Man has been using iron since the stone age."