WMG / Look Around You

Look Around You is a division of the SCP Foundation.
Both are staffed by shady, often faceless scientists performing ethically questionable experiments which tend to defy normal physical laws. Many of the phenomena demonstrated on the program are very possibly Euclid- or Keter-class SCPs; for instance, the boƮte diabolique. And don't even get me started on Helvetica.
  • One could surmise that Look Around You is possibly a training series for potential SCP recruits. Perhaps only people with the natural talent to join the foundation can even see the broadcasts.
Every fact presented in this program is accurate.
It's reality that's got it wrong.
Look Around You is a training program for Geniuses.
Well, maybe. Sulphagne is probably some kind of Katastrofi wonder In Pill Form. Medibot is some kind of Automata. And as for the Sex-Change Machine... Metatropi or something.
Somewhere, there is an alternate reality where everything in Look Around You is true.
And we got lumped with this crappy universe.
  • And in that universe there's a hilarious comedy series set in a universe where people can't fly, ghosts aren't real and there's no such thing as sulphagne.
The experiments in Look Around You Season 1 were performed at Aperture Laboratories.
In the episode "Iron" we see the outside of the building in which the show is filmed. It is a huge white sphere in the middle of a wheat field. Consider some of the crazy results they get in their experiments, and ask yourself if anything we see in Season 1 couldn't be done by the company that created the Handheld Portal Device.