YMMV / Longmire

  • Moral Event Horizon: Malachi murders one of his own men when he tries to back out on killing Hector.
  • Nightmare Fuel: David Ridges, especially how he methodically breaks down Branch Connally's sanity.
  • Screwed by the Network: Despite being one of their most popular shows, A&E cancelled it after the third season due to being too expensive and having viewers too old for their desired demographic.
  • Strawman Has a Point: the "having a point" bit isn't really debatable, since all of Fales' accusations are pretty much spot-on. Whether he's actually intended as a Strawman or whether he's an actual lampshade on the proceedings is a YMMV thing, though.
  • Villain Protagonist: all of Detective Fales' accusations of general corruption, the Sheriff putting his own desires above his duty, and even his implied analogy to choosing who to protect and who to harass for racial reasons are actually 100% spot-on, and it's a rare episode where Walt doesn't commit multiple felonies or intentionally sabotage an investigation with the intent to pervert the course of justice. The only thing the Denver PD is wrong about is the actual murder of the assassin in Denver, and both Walt and his best friend are actually, truly guilty of attempting that crime, which is a similar crime with similar jail time.
    • This can make Fales' eventual failure to make the charges stick something of a Downer Ending, since despite the perspective he _is_ the show's one good guy trying to bring down a quite literal corrupt police department engaged in very real felony conspiracies on an almost weekly basis.
    • Well, except for Ferg and Ruby, they're still cool.
  • The Woobie: Tamar Smith, full stop.