Funny / Liberal Crime Squad

  • The random generator can create some unfortunate names such as Steve Butt, Karl Buttman, or Dick Toogood. Or Lacey Duvall (a porn star). Or Rebecca Chambers.
  • Oh my Science! Is there anything I can do to help?
  • A good deal of the "enlightenment" quotes are hilarious, but "-Hostage- demands that -Interrogator- stop looking like Hitler." (gotten by giving the target hallucinogens and wearing an imposing outfit while they're still afraid of you) takes the cake.
  • When you take over the radio/cable news radio station to make your own program, there is a chance to make such a good show that the security was listening to/watching it instead of doing their job and waiting you at the exit. Doubles as a Awesome Moment.
  • You can intimidate Conservatives into backing away by yelling your slogan. Which can be anything from "We are the Liberal Angels of Death!" to "...", to "We need a slogan!".
    Alex shouts the Liberal battlecry!
    Alex: We need a slogan!
    Police Officer gets out of there!
    Security Guard has a family!
  • If you have enough charisma, you can talk your way out of any encounter. Including the ones with guard dogs.
    Me: Conservatives kick dogs!
    Guard Dog: That is terrible! What can I do?
    • And if you have high enough seduction, you can seduce your way out of any encounter. Yes, that includes dogs.
  • Low intelligence during recruiting risks stupid lines which can be funny in themselves. Even better is when they succeed in spite of it.
    Prison Guard: That is disturbing. What can I do?
  • Pretty much anything in the Liberal Guardian. Example: "The events took place at the notorious Corporate HQ, where evil and conservatism coagulate in the hallways."
  • The brainwashing minigame is always good for a laugh. Only a game like LCS would allow you to brainwash people by beating them with fists full of money, forcing them to play violent video games, or watch Bible Black.