Awesome / Liberal Crime Squad

  • Have anyone send a squad of hippies armed with guitar against SWAT troopers, doing such epic riffs that they turn liberal?
  • When you take over the cable news/radio broadcast, there is a chance that you are so awesome that security just watch/listen to your show instead of doing their job and wait you after the show! Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • An Actual Pacifist can now shut down the CCS. Just sneak in the CIA HQ, hack the supercomputer, grab the CCS Backers List, and publish it in the Liberal Guardian. If defeating an entire gang of Right Wing Militia Fanatics with a newspaper article isn't an awesome moment, I don't know what an awesome moment is.
    • This is similar to what actually happened with the KKK.
  • Liberals can occasionally get accosted by an angry mob while doing Liberal Disobedience, in which case they usually suffer a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Get a Liberal with a high skill in Martial Arts however, and they'll beat up an entire angry mob by themself with an awesome series of combat descriptions ranging from smashing a guy in the jaw to biting someone's ear off, ending with a final line of text stating that "X beat the shit(or tar, if Free Speech is C+) out of everyone who got close!"