Funny / Let's Make a Deal

  • Just like in the Monty Hall version, the Wayne Brady version of the show has people bringing in random items so when they're called on at the end of the show, they will get some money from the host should they have the correct item. A woman is asked to produce a certain item and when she doesn't have it, she gives the excuse that her mother (who was sitting next to her) has it. Unfortunately, it did not count and Tiffany, who was doing the quick deal at that moment, tells the mother that she owes her daughter the $100 she could have won.
  • One deal envelope had the clue "It's something from South Korea." Wayne Brady suggests that it could possibly be tae kwon do lessons, a trip to South Korea, or a Korean car (i.e. a Hyundai or Kia). The contestant decides to go for the envelope...and inside is dancing lessons for "ZONKnam Style!" Everyone in the audience immediately got up and started doing the distinctive "Gangnam Style" dance, even the contestant and Wayne himself!
  • A deal which parodied The Dating Game had Wayne Brady playing an apparent Scottish pirate named Sean, and Jonathan Mangum pretending to be Cat Gray (the music guy). Pirate ship Zonks and Mangum playing air keyboard (so much so that Wayne even imitates him) ensue.
  • For December 23, 2016, anything involving the guest appearance by The New Day. Smash for Cash has never been this theatrical.
  • March 6, 2017: On the Jukebox game (where Wayne and Jonathan improvise a song about a hidden prize In the Style Of an artist or genre randomly selected by the player), Stevie Wonder comes up. Jonathan admits that he can't sing in Stevie Wonder's style, so he does it as Fred Schneider instead — resulting in a rather interesting mashup.
  • June 19, 2017: One contestant is a massager. Wayne asks for a massage before making the deal. Hilarity Ensues.