Funny / Kappa Mikey

  • Gonard is the source for most of the wackiest jokes due to being a Cloud Cuckoo Lander and to Sean Schemmel's brilliant comedic acting, though YMMV, as it's usually random.
    • He enjoys his disguise as a Swedish panda zookeeper a bit too much in "The Bracemaster".
    • "Arugula 4, we have lift-off!"
    • In "Like Ozu Like Son", the crew is fleeing from a flock of angry birds. When they manage to run into the apartment and they shut the door behind them, Gonard realizes he "forgot his hat". Of course, he goes back into the flock, gets pulverized, rushes back inside the apartment, shuts the door, and then remembers he doesn't wear one. Guano bonks him on the head.
    • In "The Clip Show", he thinks the gang is going to Finland for their beach vacation, and of course, he never gets it when Lily constantly corrects him. Later, when they're kept late in the studio by Ozu, he laments, "I don't wanna make a clip show! I wanna' go to FINLAND and play SKI BALL and play in the SAND and WIN A TOY SHARK and name it Mister PEACHES!" all in one breath.
  • Yes Man is usually hilarious because he's such a simple and predictable character. Is his voice EVER at a normal volume?!
  • "Splashomon" has pretty much the best comedic timing out of any episode.
  • Characters make jabs at voice-acting in "A Christmas Mikey".
    • The spirits of Christmas having a change of heart after hearing Ozu's story and teaming up with him to destroy Christmas.
  • "Reality Bites", the The Real LilyMu reality-show segment.
  • The American and Buttstonian edited versions of LilyMu in "Uh Oh Guano".
    TV!Gonard: (in Schwarzenegger accent) I AM PREGNANT!
    Gonard: (beat) I hope it's a boy!
    • The entirety of the Buttstonian subplot in that episode, but especially this line from the national anthem:
      "We are a real country!"
  • The newscast about Lily's new romance with Mikey, in the form of a Werepuff, in "Night of the Werepuff".
  • "Script Assassin": Guano quits, and the crew is faced with a replacement writer and director, who is famous for killing off characters in past shows he worked on, and they try to prevent him from killing off Gonard's character at the same time that Ozu is duped into convincing Guano to return. How do they do this? By stalling the shoot as long as possible, and having a dang good time doing it! It's also one of the rare times they are all cooperating with each other 100%!
  • "Uh, that's my food?" "And it is delicious!" Oh Sean...
  • In one episode we have Ozu briefly telling Guano and Yes Man "Perhaps we should hold Mikey responsible for his actions." They think about it, then laugh.
  • The entirety of "Ship of Fools".
    Gonard: Standing on a pier Pirates! Piiirates! Blows into a conch shell.
    Mikey: Gonard, pirates don't sell pirated video games. There aren't even pirates anymore.
    Pirate Captain: Walking down the dock Avast! How can I assist thee?
    Pirate Captain: Arr! It's been a fine day of shim-shallying and skullduggery.
  • The first episode, where in Ozu is pampering Mikey with tons of gifts. Lily decides to call him out on it.
    Lily: This is so unfair. Ozu always gives you everything!
    Mikey: What? No he doesn't.
    Ozu: Hey Mikey, look what I'm giving you now! Lily's stereo!
    Lily: (growls angrily)
    Ozu: Oh, good, Lily is here. She can show you how to use it.
  • Also from the first episode:
    Lily: Have you seen Mikey?
    Mitsuki: (talking to a mop) Not since Ozu stole my contacts and gave them to Mikey.
    • And...
    Ozu: Here, we have something else for you! (hands Mikey a stick with streamers tied to it)
    Mikey: Uh, what is it?
    Ozu: We don't know. We found it in the street.
    Yes Man: GARBAGE!
  • "Be sure not to ruin my 300 year old bonsai tree, or this sword which is destined to cut down said bonsai tree"
  • "Battle of the Bands": Mikey is about to confess that their band is a sham.
    Mikey: I have a confession to make.
    Random Audience Member: He's a vampire! It all adds up!