Trivia / Kappa Mikey

  • Channel Hop - Kappa Mikey was produced solely for Nicktoons Network, but because it was controlled by their larger parent network Nickelodeon, new episodes sometimes premiered there first. When episodes stopped airing on Nick but continued on Nicktoons, some took this to mean it was canceled.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: The winner of an online fan contest arranged by the studio appeared, and voiced herself, in the second season finale.
  • The Danza - Michael Sinterniklaas as Mikey Simon.
  • Executive Meddling: Ozu is an in-series one.
    Guano: But... but you said you'd never tamper with my creative vision.
    Ozu: (Calmly) I didn't tamper... (angrily) I lit it on fire — and danced on the ashes!
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In the United States, Kappa Mikey only got 3 episodes released on DVD, sold only through one online store. iTunes used to have all the episodes but it was taken down on 2015, probably because no one was buying them anymore and the show wasn't produced in HD (because Nicktoons Network wasn't broadcast in HD). Good luck searching for taped episodes that aren't illegally uploaded on Dailymotion!
  • Non-Singing Voice - Mitsuki was the only character who's talking voice actor had to be replaced when singing.
  • What Could Have Been - The 2004 pitch pilot for MTV Networks was even more crudely animated to look like Perfect Hair Forever, and the humor was more adult-oriented. This was during MTV's attempt to bring animation back to the network and find successful cartoons on the likes of Ĉon Flux. They turned the show down. It was tweaked into the show we know now under Nickelodeon.
    • The crew was considering animating an actual LilyMu episode for the entire 24-minute runtime for the series finale, but they went with "Live LilyMu" instead.
    • An early draft for "The Clip Show" had the cast on their way to attend an awards ceremony, but they all got stuck on a broken elevator on the way there and they recalled montages to pass the time waiting for the repairman to come.
    • Gonard's favorite food was going to be chocolate. Nicktoons declared the advertising of unhealthy foods to children, and it was changed to sandwiches.