Heartwarming / Kappa Mikey

  • After Mikey felt really bad that his plan to prank Gonard with a farting agent backfired on him, with Mitsuki eating the tainted food between breaks during Live LilyMu, he took the farting agent as well. He apologizes profusely to Mitsuki during the end of the performance (especially since this is at the point where Mikey stopped falling for Lily and started looking at Mitsuki in the romantic light). Mitsuki is so moved by his apology that she breaks her stage persona and hugs him.
  • In 'A Christmas Mikey', Ozu has learned to love Christmas, but at the end of the episode, ends up sulking in the corner. Guano comes over and...
  • Really, every episode has at least one varying degree of heartwarming moments at their endings.