Fridge / Kappa Mikey

Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Mikey unable to do the crazy things his friends do when logically as a example of American Animation he should do some Tex Avery stuff? Mikey is not a example of old time cartoons, he's a example of Modern Cartoons, The Animated Sitcom and all!
  • In Like Ozu, Like Son, Ozu decides almost randomly to cheer up a homesick Mikey by acting as his father, this seems oddly nice from Ozu, until the Christmas episode where we find out Ozu has a lost son he misses dearly. It wasn't just to help Mikey, Ozu was acting out his own parental fantasies he never got to experience with his biological son!

Fridge Logic

  • In Script Assassin, Guano quits, and the crew is faced with a replacement writer and director who is famous for killing off characters in past shows he worked on. Mikey and friends try to prevent him from killing off Gonard's character at the same time that Ozu is duped into convincing Guano to return. Gonard plays the villain on LilyMu! Shouldn't having him killed benefit the storyline and boost ratings?
    • No, in the words of the immortal Ferb Fletcher, a hero's a hero, but everyone loves a good villain. It's basically Joker Immunity. Killing off a well liked character is a good way to lose your show.