Funny / Kenny the Shark

  • A crazed Kenny chasing one of Grace's patients who has a fear of sharks in "Simply Irresistible".
    • His delight at being cured and no longer needing Grace's services (Kat discovered that he smelled like seals because he visited them at the zoo, which naturally made Kenny wig out since seal is his favorite thing to eat) and Grace's deadpan displeasure about the turn of events are also hilarious.
    • Also in the same episode, Kenny's goodbye drags on before he could dive back into the ocean. Which Kat was able to catch up and prevent him from doing so.
    Kenny: Oh Kat, you've come to say goodbye!
    Kat: Cut the drama, Kenny.
  • From "Mr. Popularity", Kenny attempts to talk Mulch the great white shark out of eating the Phoebes and the other kids, and remarking on his way of speech.
    Mulch: Mulch eat seals.
    Kenny: They're not seals, they're people. Small people, even. They're kids.
    Mulch: Mulch eat kids!
    Kenny: You don't want to eat them, Mulch. Take it from me. They taste like flotsam. You like sushi? I know a great restaurant! All you can eat!
    Mulch: Mulch eat kids!
    Kenny: Hey, I know! Let's see what Phoebe has in her fridge!
    Mulch: MULCH! EAT! KIDS!
    Kenny: "Mulch eat kids. Mulch eat kids." Mulch has really gotta work on his vocabulary. Use your words!