Funny: Johnny English

  • When Johnny accidentally plays footage of himself dancing in his underwear to an ABBA song on live international television.
    Pegasus: Everything in order, English?
    Johnny English: I think you'll find it's rather more than just in order, Sir. You are now entering the most secure place in the whole of England.
    [the most secure place in the whole of England explodes]
    • "...fwebib...fwebib..."
    • The sequence where English pretends to confront and defeat a (non-existent) assailant, to shift the blame from himself after knocking out a man with a wine bottle. Following that up is when he "describes" the assailant to a profiler, using only a fruit bowl as inspiration (see the main page quote). Then there's the "assailant"'s Brick Joke appearance in the credits.
    • Johnny shutting his jacket in his front door while wearing it.
    • Lorna preparing to jump Johnny in the chateau after he emerges from the toilet pipe, only to be beaten back by the stink.
  • From Johnny English: Reborn...
    • The Acting Unnatural scene in the washroom.
    • "I AM HERE I AM HERE. AGENT IN DISTRESS AGENT IN DISTRESS." Followed by "Visual confirmation in 3, 2, 1 *BOOM*"
    • The broken chair. And if you think that I'm referring to just the scene in the trailer, you are dead wrong.
    • "He shot up the navigation system! We'll have to follow the road!" FYI, they are in a helicopter.
    • "Shu-shan."
    • Johnny English jumping around La Bastion in a body-bag.
    • Johnny English's chase and subsequent fight with a Chinese assassin in Hong Kong is one big funny moment.
    • Johnny English pretends to have Pegasus's cat after accidentally dropping it out of the window. Cue Kate Summer walking in with the cat.
    • "It's great to see... what's left of you."
    • Johnny starts dancing to Cameo's Word Up right in the middle of assassinating the Chinese PM when Tucker interrupts Simon's command with a Montreaux radio station. The WTF reactions are understandably hilarious.