Funny / Johnny English
King Johnny is not amused.

  • When Johnny accidentally plays footage of himself dancing in his underwear to an ABBA song on live international television.
  • Pegasus: Everything in order, English?
    • Johnny English: I think you'll find it's rather more than just in order, Sir. You are now entering the most secure place in the whole of England." (The most secure place in the whole of England explodes.)
  • Any time English's gun malfunctions.
  • English attempting to throw his coat onto the coat rack, but missing and throwing it out the window. You also hear the screech of car tyres after that happens.
  • Any time Bough accepts silly excuses to let English save face.
  • English after accidentally injecting himself with muscle relaxant. All of it. The slap given to him by the Foreign Secretary (and his grunt of pain during the slap) is hilarious.
  • English saying "May your daughters be born with small breasts" when he's toasting Lorna at the Revolving Sushi restaurant. The subtitles incorrectly translated it as "three bottoms". To be fair, both of those body parts have a big part in British comedy.
  • "...fwebib...fwebib..."
  • "They've taken some of my blood." "Bastards!"
  • The sequence where English pretends to confront and defeat a (non-existent) assailant, to shift the blame from himself after knocking out a man with a wine bottle. Following that up is when he "describes" the assailant to a profiler, using only a fruit bowl as inspiration (see the main page quote). Then there's the "assailant"'s Brick Joke appearance in the credits.
  • Johnny shutting his jacket in his front door while wearing it.
  • Lorna preparing to jump Johnny in the chateau after he emerges from the toilet pipe, only to be beaten back by the stink. Then seconds later...
    Johnny: Look, pull yourself together! It's only a bit of poo!
    • Lorna will have none of it, and shoves him into a shower, fully-clothed no less.
  • Johnny: [over speaker system] - nobody knows we are here.
  • A hilarious Almost Kiss occurs at the end when Johnny accidentally ejects Lorna from his car before he can kiss her. Cue a lot of screaming and a Curse Cut Short.
  • Related to the page image, when Johnny is accidentally crowned king and has Pascal arrested, Handel's "Zadok the Priest" kicks back in with "God save the king!" as everyone applauds/cheers.