Awesome: Johnny English

From the first film:

  • "You are now in safest location in the whole of England." BOOM! That scene was all done in one take and Rowan Atkinson kept a straight face the whole time.

From the second film:

  • The chase scene. While the assassin pulls out flashy freerunning, acrobatic stuff, what does Johnny do? He uses ever more practical methods to keep up with him, whilst never moving beyond a casual walk. While the assassin flips over a barb wire fence, Johnny casually opens the door. The assassin leaps over a building, Johnny gets a ladder and so on. Combined with his total calm and badass slow walk, he actually manages to look totally awesome.
    • The end of it also deserves a mention. When faced with 4 armed assailants, he tricks them into knocking all but 1 of them out, and he deals with the other with a well placed Groin Attack. Talk about a competence spike.
  • "Guideline 75 - Never question a senior agent in the field!"
  • Ambrose , you five star turd!
  • Johnny manages to escape MI7 after he supposedly goes "rogue" using a modified wheelchair. This is against every single agent and vehicle the organization has at its disposal.
  • The post-credits scene, which is nicely synced to classical music.
  • For a comedy film, the score for the second film is amazing.