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YMMV: Johnny English
  • Ear Worm: The ending credit theme, A Man For All Seasons. Doubles as Awesome Music.
  • Moment Of Awesome
    Archbishop of Canterbury: And do you the chosen Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland assent to this anointment?
    Scottish Bishop: For Scotland I do.
    Welsh Bishop: For Wales I do.
    Johnny English (disguised as English bishop): For England—(removes bishop disguise)—I DO NOT!
    • In the sequel, there's:
      • The chase scene in Hong Kong, and the fight scene that followed.
      • The entire wheelchair sequence, mainly since Johnny managed to outrun every agent the British government could throw at him using a hi-speed wheelchair.
      • And finally, everything following Johnny's Disney Death all the way to him blowing up Ambrose.
  • Nightmare Fuel / Hell Is That Noise: In-universe, sort of; in the second movie, halfway, Johnny English gets nervous upon hearing a vacuum cleaner (fear caused by a cleaning old lady, no less).
  • Unfortunate Implications: In the sequel, upon seeing that he's been assigned a young partner with much less experience, Johnny says "Well, it'll be nice to have someone to carry the bags." This was considered fine in England, where the film was made. But apparently audiences in America, where racism is a major issue, this was believed to be a reference to the fact that the assistant is black.

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