Funny: J-Stars Victory Vs

Gintoki (yes, the man has so many hilarious moments, he needs his own section):

  • His attacks:
    • He managed to pull a Kamehameha move since he tried his best to practice it. But, not all the time. If he doesn't charge the stamina, he'll likely fail to perform it, and gets a short gust power instead.
    Gintoki:! D-Damn it!
    • His Thigh Burst kick, which he uses on Goku in one of the trailers.
    • And he can also squirt soy sauce out of his Bokuto as well.
  • He copies Seiya's stamina charging pose and even tries to recite his lines, but he can't remember them.
    Gintoki: Burn! My something!
  • Gin's death pose is essentially Yamcha's infamous death pose.
  • Anytime Shinpachi has to comment on what Gintoki does, including:
    after firing a Kamehameha: We are sorry Toriyama-sensei!
    send an enemy flying: Dondake!
    when riding a scooter: It came out of nowhere!!
    • Shinpachi's utter disbelief that Gintoki's bike is rocket-powered.note . The fact that it even double jumps is hilarious.
  • His Limit Break shows the credits, just like an anime opening/ending.
  • If you idle long enough while at low health, he'll try to get a quick sugar fix by scarfing a fruit parfait, which more often than not earns him a "DONDAKE!?" from Shinpachi.
  • Kenshin and Gintoki discussing the Shinsengumi :
    Kenshin: The Shinsengumi I knew were men of honor who always fought fair and square.
    Gintoki: I have a problem with those delinquent cops myself.
    Shinpachi: Gin, he's talking about the REAL ones!
  • His answer to Lala's intro speech.
    Lala: I'm Lala!
    Gintoki: Sorry, but that was way too long. I only caught about half of what you said.
    Shinpachi: What?! She only said two words!
  • Goku's everywhere!
    Gintoki: Hi, I'm Goku. I'll take you on!
    Shinpachi: You can't say that, Gin-san!
    Goku: What a surprise, my name is Goku too. Let's both do our best, then!
    Shinpachi: Is this guy serious!?
  • Joseph repeating Gintoki's line before he can even say it.
    Joseph: The next thing you're going to say is "Huh, he kind of reminds me of myself!"
    Shinpachi: Gin-san, this guy... he kind of sounds a lot like you.
    Gintoki: Huh, he kind of reminds me of myself. ...wait, what the hell are you playing at?
    Shinpachi: It was just a prediction! You're the only one playing around, Gin-san!
    • His trolling of Joseph right back.
    Gintoki: The next thing you're going to say is "My...special trick!"
    Joseph: My...special trick...
  • Speaking of Jojos Bizarre Adventure. He managed to get Jonathan Joestar's name wrong. The name changes in each playthrough
    What was your name again? Jonathan.. Toaster?
    Jet Coaster?
  • His blatant calling-out of the SKET Dan in reference to their past crossovers.
    Gintoki: Well, if it isn't the crappy, chatty version of Gintama, eh? Let's settle once and for all who is Jump's best "Jack of All Trades" right here, right now!
    Kagura: Gin-chan, beat them down!
    Switch: Now that you mention it, I wonder if Kagura realizes Sadaharu is the only one we'd need...
    Bossun: No one wants Four-Eyes over there either.
    Shinpachi: I know it's only my voice, but I'm still here! ...also, what do you mean "Four-Eyes?!"
    Himeko: Why are you taunting us? Are you desperate or something?

Everyone else:

  • Joseph pulls a line prediction on Oga as well.
    Joseph: Then next thing you're going to say is: "Kneel down before me!"
    Oga: Stop irritating me! Kneel down before me!
  • Chitoge slapping characters many times more powerful than her is absolutely hilarious.
  • Taro Yamada, Ryotsu Kankichi, and Koro-sensei are wacky beyond belief!
    • The latter's limit break has him flying around the world... and drawing a giant smiley face. Because.
  • In the fifth trailer, Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star tells Madara Uchiha from Naruto that "You are already...dead?"note  Madara's only reply is to remark "That's all you have to say?"
  • Bo-bobo uses Don Patch in a lot of his attacks, including as a shield and an explosive projectile.
    • Heck, the fact that Bo-bobo's in the game pretty much guarantees laughs.
  • The fact that Kuroko's assist is just passing the ball...somewhere in the distance as a distraction.
  • Taro's ultimate attack, which plops a giant Yokai head onto his opponents as his friends Mari and Gen freak out.
  • Medaka trying to distract Raoh in their special pre-battle intro.
  • Some of the scenes in the opening count:
  • Saiki's special battle intro with Allen.
    Allen: Don't give up on me, Innocence!
    Saiki: It's okay, you're just going through puberty.
  • In their special intro if on opposing teams, Ryotsu asks Raoh to let him enter Kokuoh into horse races for quick cash. Raoh is less than amused.
  • If one considers Jonathan's normally serious and intense personality, listening to him stumble and almost melt when Lala introduces herself to her partner is hilarious.
  • In Luffy's story mode, Boa hired Gintoki to help her track down Luffy. At one point Boa calls him a stand and he wonders if she thinks he's Crazy Diamond
  • One of the loading screen quiz questions in the English version asks you what Goku's power level is. The correct answer is "over 9000".note 
    • Another Dragon Ball Z trivia questions asks for Frieza's power levelnote . An incorrect answer given is 5.