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Awesome / J-Stars Victory Vs

  • The game is one of the craziest and flashiest anime fighters to date, which is a given considering it's a Weekly Shonen Jump anniversary game.
  • Ryotsu, despite being a lazy cop with no special abilities, can somehow fight against aliens, samurai, ninjas, demons and gods and beat them in this game.
    • In the same vein, there's Chitoge, who is pretty much an ordinary schoolgirl, being able to deal damage to the above mentioned, possibly even kill them, with just a slap! Same with Kuroko and Hinata, who are just a basketball player and a volleyball player, respectively. Not to mention THE Sket-Dan team who actually prove themselves to be useful enough to stand alongside all of the above. In fact, there are quite a lot of Badass Normals here.
  • Hironobu Kageyama, Hiroshi Kitadani and Akira Kushida coming together to sing the game's theme song, Fighting Stars, which counts as a Crowning Music of Awesome. Every time this music plays in-game, awesome moments are bound to happen.
  • The sheer Continuity Porn involved is truly staggering, as there are all sorts of characters here; from series old or new; obscure enough for The Other Wiki not to know about them or extremely popular enough to be THE mainstream anime; comedy or action; characters of average human power level or near-godlike; each being represented true to their own mangas. Even the stages and graphics in general are gorgeous. All for the sole purpose of celebrating Shonen Jump being around and successful for 45 years. And It. Is. Beautiful.
  • Arale splitting the planet in two halfs with a single Megaton Punch!
  • Gintoki's Limit Break shows the credits, just like an anime opening/ending.
  • The opening is filled with these, including:
    • Toriko and Naruto double-teaming Goku, while Luffy saves the latter by punching Naruto's hand.
    • Saiki being smart enough to hide from the four-way battle with Toriko, Naruto, Luffy, and Goku
    • Kenshin SLICING a building-sized Getsuga Tensho in half
      • Medaka calmly shoving Lala out of harms way (and right into Chitoge) from said Getsuga Tensho and even gets to pose for kicks.
    • Ichigo vs. Gintoki note .
      • Gintoki blocked a fully powered Bankai with just a wooden sword!
    • Luffy using a Gum Gum Bazooka in Gear 2nd to stop the Kamehameha fired towards Naruto (who just evaded it) going towards the aforementioned Ichigo vs Gintoki who were in a Blade Lock. To the surprise of everyone who had to witness that.
    • Really, we could just say the entire opening is filled with these.
  • The very fact that the game is getting localized AT ALL, despite countless odds being against it, is awesome in and of itself.