Funny / The Journeyman Project

    • To explain this, in Legacy of Time, you go to Shangri-La. There, you meet Ghengis Khan. When you walk the underground passages of the temple, you can climb up just behind him. If you do, he turns around and punches you back down the ladder. Arthur will then appropriately speak the immortal line.
  • Here, skip to about 3:40. Also, pretty much anything Arthur says.
  • (when trying to approach a person with their own Chameleon guise): "Can you imagine how that person would react if an exact mirror image walked up and said 'Hi!'...Well...I guess you can."
  • "Maybe we can put this guard to sleep! Quick, Gage, go talk to him about your love life!"
  • That Non Standard Game Over in Buried In Time, where two castle guards literally drop a cow on you if you take too long climbing the tower to the keep of Chateau Gauillard. The best part? The whole scene is a Shout-Out to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Arthur even quotes the famous "Elderberries" line a little ways back while on the castle parapet.
  • A couple of the empty apartments in the first game have some funny messages on the intercom buttons left by their owners.
    "I'm on vacation I won't be back for—" 2 WEEKS, 5 DAYS, 6 HOURS" "Thank you."
    "Come iiiin! Psych, hehe, gotcha! This is just a recording."
  • The Pegasus remake has some pretty narmy acting if you get discovered by humans:
    • If you go through the left door for the colony entrance on Mars, you're greeted by two guards who argue over who should capture you before they both decide to rush up to you like curious puppies.
    • If you encounter the two female scientists in the World Science Center, they let out a "scream" and jump back in such a way that it looks like they're barely grasping the concept of acting. Likewise, if you attempt to leave Sinclair's office with his rifle, a scientist with a really bad hairstyle and glasses mistakes you for him, wonders why Sinclair is carrying his elephant gun, then realizes you're an intruder before running off and screaming for security while simultaneously asking them to not shoot the guy with the glasses.
  • The commercial for the Translator Biochip, listing warnings written in various languages and what would've happened if you didn't get them.