Funny / Iron Sky

  • The very first scene.
    Houston: Drop the banners!
    Sanders: Oh, for- Must we?
    (the lander unfurls a pair of presidential election banners)
    Washington: The Eagle has landed, baby! (laughs)
    Houston: Please keep that fool off the main frequency!
  • When the Nazis invade New York, everyone flees the chaos except for a nerdy Conspiracy Theorist who hollers "THES SPACE NAZIIIIS!" as a flying saucer falls on top of him. He's still excited that it's actually true.
  • The North Korean ambassador "reveals" that his nation's "Glorious Leader" is the mastermind behind the design and construction of the invading spaceships. Nobody buys it.
  • Vivian loudly faking an orgasm while Klaus still has his pants on.
  • The scene with Washington and Renate in the police station is probably the funniest part of the movie.
    Washington: Was I, or was I not, on the dark side of the Moon?
    Renate: (reluctantly) Yes. You were.
  • The two Nazi pilots browsing a modern porn magazine and discussing the contents in German.
    Pilot 1: Look at this; no hair here... or here...
    Pilot 2: They look like little girls.
    Pilot 1: And when they do have hair, it looks like this.
    Pilot 2: Like our beloved Führer's mustache!
    (cue snickering from both)
  • The space battle scene: after the US tries to pull off a Big Damn Heroes moment by sending a secretly constructed space battleship against the zeppelin carriers but gets overwhelmed by sheer numbers, a fleet of over a dozen other spacecraft (including the Mir space station!) from various national space programs join the fray. Cue the US president's indignant "OK, who didn't arm their spaceships?!"
    • The gunners reporting that they're "successfully achieving double kills".
    • Made even funnier by the Finnish ambassador timidly raising his hand, being the only one who does so.
      President: Oh, great... great, that's just... great... You all gave me your word!
      Ambassador: But you broke yours!
      President: We always break ours, that's just what we do! Okay, fine, fine fine fine fine fine! Let's just beat the shit out of these pricks and we'll talk about the details later.
  • Renate deciding to watch The Great Dictator. You know what is coming, and you can't help but burst your guts laughing!
  • Vivian Wagner reaction to the size of Adler doomsday weapon , a battleship the size of a City
  • The nazis came to earth to get more not-roomsized computers. When they land in someones backyard they demand that Washington takes them to the president.
    Washington: I thought I'd just take you to a Mac store.
  • When Vivian gets frustrated by nobody in her office being able to produce a sufficiently workable election campaign idea, her rant is identical to Hitler Rants.
  • The anthem of the Fourth Reich and "Götterdämmerung Muss Fliegen" being played in moments of great Patriotic Fervor, with a very un-German accent. Laibach, being Slovenians, did that on purpose for the sake of parody.
  • India being blamed for the invasion because their delegate is wearing a swastika ring.