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Fegelein is behind the invasion.
That's where he kept running off to, and the source of all his pranks.

  • And Gunsche, disguised as Adler, is helping him.

Hitler himself will return at the end of the film.
No Nazi film is complete without Hitler. Cloned him, time-travel, ascended to a higher plane of existence? Space Nazis will find a way.
  • Hitler is now confirmed to appear in the sequel.

The movie is an alternate timeline of Nazi Zombies
In this timeline the zombies were controllable by their living officers as a result the Nazis had completed their moon base before the Allies inevitable crushing of the Third Reich, as the zombies did not cause a breakout

Based on the ending of Iron Sky's credits, any sequel will involve Soviets on Mars.
With the possible title of "Rusty Sky" or something like that.
  • Or just "Red Sky".

The Nazis are the heroes all along.
  • Just like the film-version (and ONLY the film version) of Starship Troopers, we're supposed to be rooting for the Nazis.
    • They're not the heroes, but Earth's governments are all very self-serving (in particular, the U.S. President and her aide, who care only about the former's reelection and the latter's career in government), willing to kill innocents with extreme prejudice, and end up firing nukes all over the planet over a resource ownership dispute, while the Nazis, much like real-life earth Nazis, are either entirely clueless as to their leadership's evil plans, or are actually ideologically motivated and believe they are doing the right thing (and were planning on leaving Earth inhabitable for their children).

Iron Sky takes place in the same universe as The West Wing.
  • The US President is running for re-election in 2018, which isn't an election year in our world, but is in The West Wing's timeline.

Iron Sky takes place in the same universe as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.