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Funny: I Wanna Be the Guy
I Wanna Be the Guy is a fiendishly difficult game that loves to troll the player at every turn—so hard, you might find yourself going from screaming in frustration to laughing...and maybe back to screaming, then more laughing.
  • The boss battle with Dracula replicates the prologue dialogue from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night word-for-word, with The Kid replacing Richter. And then... he throws his wine glass at The Kid, killing him if he doesn't dodge it in time.
    • And the ending of that battle.
  • Also, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. YOU JUMPED INTO A SWORD. YOU RETARD!"
  • The ending, which allows you to die at the end of the credits.
  • Ryu from Street Fighter coming out of absolutely nowhere and hurricane kicking the Kid into a pulp.
  • The special death if Kraidgief gets hold of you: Hokuto Shinken Spinning Piledriver!
    • Kraidgief. The sheer concept of Kraidgief is absolutely hilarious.
  • The error box trap. Always funny to watch someone playing for the first time get hit with it.
  • The funny music from Mario Paint that plays when you get hit by the airplane.
  • "Die, monster!-! WHOZAWHAT? YOU?!"
    • In the same cutscene:
    The Kid: "WHAT"
  • Didn't escape the room with the Tetris pieces in time? A giant pill from Dr.Mario smashes you and it fills the whole width of the playing field to boot!
  • In a certain level (before Kraidgief, IIRC), there are some spikes at the bottom of a room, but they cover only a small part of the floor. You'd think you could jump off safely... and if you try, the spikes get up on their legs and place themselves right below you.
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