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Funny: I Wanna Be the Guy
  • The boss battle with Dracula replicates the prologue dialogue from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night word-for-word, with The Kid replacing Richter. And then... he throws his wine glass at The Kid, killing him if he doesn't dodge it in time.
    • And the ending of that battle.
  • Also, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. YOU JUMPED INTO A SWORD. YOU RETARD!"
  • The ending, which allows you to die at the end of the credits.
  • Ryu from Street Fighter coming out of absolutely nowhere and hurricane kicking the Kid into a pulp.
  • The special death if Kraidgief gets hold of you: Hokuto Shinken Spinning Piledriver!
    • Kraidgief. The sheer concept of Kraidgief is absolutely hilarious.
  • The error box trap. Always funny to watch someone playing for the first time get hit with it.
  • The funny music from Mario Paint that plays when you get hit by the airplane.
  • "Die, monster!-! WHOZAWHAT? YOU?!"
    • In the same cutscene:
    The Kid: "WHAT"
  • Didn't escape the room with the Tetris pieces in time? A giant pill from Dr.Mario smashes you and it fills the whole width of the playing field to boot!
  • In a certain level (before Kraidgief, IIRC), there are some spikes at the bottom of a room, but they cover only a small part of the floor. You'd think you could jump off safely... and if you try, the spikes get up on their legs and place themselves right below you.
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