Funny / Grease

The film

  • Danny's hilarious attempts to join a sports team, failing miserably at basketball, baseball, and wrestling, often resorting to fisticuffs when all else fails:
    (Danny gets pinned)
    Calhoun: You give?
    Danny: Yeah, give.
    Calhoun: Good.
    (Opponent releases Danny, who hits him in the gut and runs)
    Calhoun: ...He's a hitter.
    • The basketball player Danny punches in the stomach? Played by Michael Biehn!
  • Frenchy asking Doody how she looks at the dance.
    Doody: Like a beautiful...blonde...pineapple!

The 2016 televised musical

  • This exchange between French and Doody at the drive-in.
    Frenchy: I wish there was a way I could watch movies at home, any time I wanted.
    Doody: Let's just get to the Moon first.