Funny / Grease

The film

  • Before the "Summer Nights" number, Doody spots Putzie looking up the skirts of two girls at the bleachers, so he says "HEY!", alerting the girls to Putzie's presence. When they see him, he cheerfully goes, "Hi girls!" before they walk off. Doody then calls Putzie out and squirts him in the face with his water pistol.
  • Danny's hilarious attempts to join a sports team, failing miserably at basketball, baseball, and wrestling, often resorting to fisticuffs when all else fails:
    (Danny gets pinned)
    Calhoun: You give?
    Danny: Yeah, give.
    Calhoun: Good.
    (Opponent releases Danny, who hits him in the gut and runs)
    Calhoun: ...He's a hitter.
    • The basketball player Danny punches in the stomach? Played by Michael Biehn!
  • Frenchy's retching sound after Sandy gets sick at the sleepover.
  • Frenchy asking Doody how she looks at the dance.
    Doody: Like a beautiful...blonde...pineapple!
  • When Hot!Sandy makes her appearance, the T-Birds have a sudden case of bug eyes and dropping jaws,...and The Pink Ladies are laughing at them.

The 2016 televised musical

  • This exchange between French and Doody at the drive-in.
    Frenchy: I wish there was a way I could watch movies at home, any time I wanted.
    Doody: Let's just get to the Moon first.
  • This behind-the-scenes photo of Eugene showing Patty his rocket.
    • During the show, Anna Kendrick tweeted that she figured that Eugene would be better in bed than any of the greasers, and that she would "hit that" upon his first appearance in the special. Cue Eugene's actor, Noah Robbins, finding these tweets, quoting them, and responding, "Please DM me", the second in all caps.