Funny: The Great Dictator

  • Hynkel's speech, which also serves as his introduction. A passionately random speech - it rambles past praising Tomania, condemning democracy, discussing the relationship between Herring and Garbitsch, praising Aryan maidens, condemning the Jews (with a hateful, insulting passion that causes a microphone to pull away from him. This bit is tactfully translated to "His Excellency has just referred to the Jewish people") and seemingly declaring war on all of Europe. All of this interrupted by random fits of coughing, Herring's failed belt-tightening, and a couple of mannerisms borrowed from Hitler himself. See it here. It's capped off by the translator saying "In conclusion, the Fuhrer remarks that for the rest of the world, he wishes for nothing but peace in his heart."
    • The best part is that it is entirely pseudo-Germanic rubbish including random words such as "sauerkraut", "cheese-und-cracker", "lager beer" and "baloney" and the Black Speech is so difficult to pronounce that Hynkel descends into coughing fits twice.
    • Herr Garbitsch looking at his watch as Hynkel talks about him.
  • A second speech, after Herring knocks him down the stairs. Herring, in his fake German, comes up with "der Banana", and they just run with it.
  • The Barber's exploits in the first world war.
    • The Barber and his whole regiment shrugging their shoulders after misfiring an [[BFG artillery piece]].
      • They top this on another shot, but blowing up an outhouse.
    • The soldiers delegating to each other on working on a shell. Finally the Lieutenant tells the Private, the Jewish Barber, who turns and finds there is nobody to delegate too.
    • The Barber getting lost in a fog and ending up marching with an enemy patrol.
  • Hynkel's dance with a balloon globe. Never before was Adolf Hitler's megalomania punctured with such graceful comedy.
  • Hynkel and Napaloni constantly trying to one-up each other.
    • One that stands above everything is the meeting in Hynkel's office. Garbitsch has set up everything for Napaloni to be intimidated: he'd have to reach Hynkel's desk from the other side of the enormous office, and would be made sit near Hynkel's bust and in such a position where he'd have to look up to him to see his eyes... And then Napaloni barges in from behind Hynkel and salutes him with a manly slap on the back, and continues ruining the whole effort and intimidating Hynkel (and injurying Garbitsch) by being friendly.
  • The various resistance members all doing their best to avoid being randomly picked for a suicide mission.
  • Jack Oakey with his spot-on impersonation of Il Duce's chin-thrust.
  • Commander Schultz flying upside-down.
    • He thinks he's gonna die when his plane runs out of fuel so he starts talking about his sweetheart. He's still talking after his plane crashes.
  • Hynkel's secretary typing an entire speech after hearing him say only one Tomanian word.