Fridge / Grease

Fridge Brilliance
  • In the stage production, Jan and Roger get into a playful argument after Roger, who is Catholic, accidentally eats a burger on Friday, and complains that he'll have to go to confession to atone for it. When Jan takes a bite of her burger and says, "That's the good thing about being a Lutheran," Roger responds with, "That's the good thing about being Petunia Pig!" Jan snaps back with, "Look who's talking, Porky!" This exchange is the first indication that, by the end of the musical, Jan and Roger will be a couple, as Petunia Pig is Porky Pig's girlfriend in the classic Looney Tunes cartoons.
  • At the end of the song "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee," Sandy walks in on the other girls mocking her. Rizzo simply replies, "Some people are so touchy," rather than trying to come up with a lie to spare Sandy's feelings. This seems very odd, unless you pay close attention to Rizzo's solo later on, "There are worse things I could do." One of the last lines is, "I don't steal, and I don't lie." Making fun of Sandy wasn't beneath Rizzo, but lying to her was.
    • Speaking of "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee," the line "Even Rock Hudson lost his heart to Doris Day." At first I thought it was just another '50s reference. It gains a whole new meaning, though, when you realize that Rock Hudson was gay.
      • The original song also listed Sal Mineo (replaced with Elvis Presley in the film) and Troy Donahue, both of whom were rumored or revealed to be gay.
  • During "Summer Nights", both Danny and Sandy recall and tell with their respective groups how they met and spent the summer together. While it's very obvious that Danny is exaggerating or even blatantly lying about what happened (let's remember, Danny has a reputation to maintain, while Sandy had just met the girls and has no reason to lie to them), Sandy's version of the events might not be true either. She's a sweet, naïve town girl who just met who she might see as the love of her life; her idealism probably has a hand in how she perceived Danny's behavior over the time they spent together. In other words, she's telling the story of how she experienced it, but not how it really was. Therefore, we probably don't know what really happened. It might be somewhere in between the two versions, but leaning a little bit more towards Sandy's version.

Fridge Horror
  • If you look at the lyrics of Summer Nights, it has the lyrics "Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight? Tell me more tell me more, did she put up a fight?" The boys were asking Danny whether he and Sandy had sex, and whether Sandy fought back. That means... you guessed it..... rape
    • A more benign interpretation (though hardly one without problems) is that they were asking (and thinking it would make the story more exciting) if she was Playing Hard to Get.

Fridge Logic
  • "The rules are there ain't no rules. It's to the second bridge and back. And the one who makes it here first wins." That sounds like at least two rules to me.
    • Those aren't rules, they're the parameters and win condition.
  • When Danny and Sandy encounter each other again for the first time during the school year, why was Sandy surprised to find out that Danny went to Rydell High? Surely he would have mentioned the name of his school sometime during their summer romance (and she presumably would have remembered it). Danny's surprise is understandable as he had thought Sandy was going to move back to Australia, but Sandy should have known Danny would be at her school.
    • Not necessarily. Does Danny look like someone who takes a lot of pride or even cares about his school much?
    • In the FOX TV special, it is established that Danny told Sandy he was an honors student at a boarding school.
  • Summer in the U.S. is winter in Australia. Doesn't this present some problems with the entire "Summer Nights" song?
    • Not really, as they were in America (California, to be specific) at the time, so for both of them, it was summer.