Funny / Godzilla Final Wars

  • X having a Villainous Breakdown every time Godzilla kills another monster.
  • The part in New York City just before Rodan appears when a gangster speaking in Jive Turkey threatens a cop. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Godzilla fighting Rodan, King Caesar, and Anguirus. After Rodan is down for the count, Anguirus rolls into a ball and does a combination attack with King Caesar, which is basically KC kicking Anguirus like a soccer ball, with Godzilla playing goalkeeper. Seriously, Godzilla jumped to catch the Anguirus-ball like a goalie! And MISSED! Right after that, King Caesar makes an expression that either says, "Man! I missed?!", or, "Dude! How could you miss that?!".
  • Just the fact how long it takes Godzilla to defeat his American counterpart. To put it bluntly: 13 seconds.