Awesome: Godzilla Final Wars

  • Godzilla killing the American Zilla in less then twenty seconds is flat AWESOME.
    • Hell, the whole montage of Godzilla walking around owning every monster that he comes across is awesome, especially when you consider that the monsters have all single-handily overwhelmed Earth's defenses. "Last resort" indeed.
    • For fans of Zilla, seeing him in a japanese Godzilla movie at all is pretty awesome.
  • The mutant soldiers taking down Ebirah is one of the few times humans actually take down a kaiju, and it is awesome.
  • Kumasaka's superior fighting against all the mutants in a You Shall Not Pass moment. He actually holds his own for several minutes, and the mutants have to physically all jump on top of him to force him down. And he's still trying to resist even as they kill him...
    • Better still, HE SURVIVED!
  • ANYTHING Captain Gordon does.
  • Gigan, toward the end of the film, revealing his upgrades.
  • The scenes of the alien monsters utterly laying waste to human civilization are both amazing and horrifying.
  • Monster X changing into Keizer Ghidorah, pitting Godzilla against his most classic adversary, is positively chilling.
    • Their entire fight is this in spades. Monster X gets points for being the only monster to single-handedly hold up Big G and even gain the upper hand.
  • Godzilla killing Keizer Ghidorah by pushing him into outer space with his Hyper Spiral Ray and exploding him into a million pieces. Definitely the most appropriate climax for this type of movie.
  • Minilla stopping Godzilla from killing what's left of the EDF by putting himself in front of them.
  • The last shot of the series, ending with Godzilla's signature roar.
  • Gordon's Badass Boast right after Godzilla is revived:
    Gordon: Listen, kid. There's two things you don't know about the Earth. One is me and the other is... Godzilla.
  • Ozaki single handedly kicking the ass of the new controller.
  • King Caesar, Anguirus and Rodan versus Godzilla. Even if they lost, they held him up longer than anyone else apart from Monster X. That takes some serious balls.
  • Godzilla killing Gigan even though not in continuity with Showa it was satisfying seeing something of an end to a monster that fled away in two films with no conclusion. Fulfilled again by Mothra later in the film.
  • Godzilla's reawakening is one of the most epic moments in the whole franchise

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