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YMMV: Godzilla Final Wars

  • Broken Base: Considered the best by some for its cast of kaiju and nonstop action. Considered the worst by some for its focus on the humans instead of the kaiju and the action instead of the story.
  • Complete Monster:
    • The alien enemy X is a Large Ham who has a Villainous Breakdown after each of his monsters die, but that doesn't hide just how evil he is. The Controller wanted to take Earth peacefully and was simply a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to save his people. X offs him the moment he gets the chance and takes over, instantly letting loose his army of monsters and begins the destruction of human civilization. While many alien invaders in Godzilla movies have done just that, it's the sadistic glee present in X as he watches the horror he's unleashed that makes it clear that, unlike his more peaceful predecessor, he's a sadist who enjoys what he's doing! When he captures the Gotengo at the climax of the film, he orders his men to slaughter the crew except the ones he wanted personally. Where his predecessor took prisoners even when he could've simply let the victim die, X has absolutely no regard for life at all. During the Final Battle of the film, he takes his time to enjoy the Curbstomp Battle he's inflicting on his opponent.
    • X's own (literal) Dragon, Monster X, initially seemed to be just another weapon in the would-be conqueror's arsenal, dutifully battling Godzilla and Mothra on behalf of his demented master. Throughout the fight, however, the creature would display a degree of independence and cruelty unknown in X's other slaves, pinning Godzilla down so that he could be slowly cut to pieces by Gigan's chainsaws, and seeming to enjoy the battle. It was only after X and Gigan's deaths, and the revelation that Monster X had not been mind controlled, however, that the being's true evil shone through. Shapeshifting into its real form of Kaiser Ghidorah, the alien dragon continued to try and kill Godzilla, using Vampiric Draining to slowly suck the life out of Earth's protector. Only too happy to try and destroy the world, and of his own free will, Kaiser Ghidorah proved himself every bit as evil as the Ghidorahs who came before him.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: While most of the film has a Broken Base surrounding it, Gigan finally making a reappearance with a far more menacing design was well-received.
  • God-Mode Sue: Godzilla borders on this for most of the movie, effortlessly wiping the floor with all the other monsters, including powerful ones (Hedorah nearly killed Godzilla in his original appearance). Horrifically subverted in the finale.
  • Moral Event Horizon: X crosses it when he shoots the Controller and then gives the rest of the planet a lecture on how they are cattle.

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