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Funny: Godzilla (1998)
  • After Godzilla manages to evade the first trap set for him.
    O'Neal: I can't believe it, uh... he did all of this and... we did nothing to him.
    Nick: Ah, that's not true. We fed him.
    • The pair is of course standing in what used to be the largest pile of fish ever put in one place.
  • Also, Animal and Philippe are great deadpan snarkers.
    Animal: Ah...What do we do now?
    Philippe: Running would be a good idea.
  • Yes, you can tell Philippe thinks very highly of his job.
    Philippe: I am Philippe Roaché, DGSE - Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, blah blah blah...
    Nick: Sounds big.
  • The Baby Godzilla's, and the popcorn!
    "...wrong floor."
  • When Colonel Hicks angrily berates the Apache pilots that they told him they had a lock-on on Godzilla but instead missed and destroyed the Chrysler Building, his radioman responds in the same tone of voice.
  • When Animal is about to sneak out of his own apartment.
    Audrey: (looks at him weird) What are you doing?
    Animal: Can't let Lucy know. She'll hurt me.
    • Later we find out that's exactly what she plans to do to him.
    Lucy: (cheers along with the others, then sees Animal on the TV) That's my husband! That's my husband! Oh, my... I'm gonna kill him! (goes back to whooping and cheering)
  • The climax of Godzilla's pursuit of the Apaches. The pilot relievedly says "I think I lost him." Cue Godzilla rising up from beneath and chomping the copter to bits.
    • A YouTube comment made this better:
    Pilot: I think I lost him.
  • Nick's Oh, Crap moment (delivered beautifully by Matthew Broderick) when Godzilla finds his babies dead, and realizes he and his friends are responsible.
    Nick Tatopoulous (in obvious Bring My Brown Pants mode): He looks angry...
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