Awesome / Godzilla (1998)

  • Despite all the criticism, this version of Godzilla's maneuverability and guile is impressive to say the least.
    • The whole 'Godzilla falls to Missiles' really isn't a detraction. The kind he was up against is one of the strongest conventional missiles, able to sink a warship with just one missile. He took nine. SO in a way its a Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • This Godzilla really is quite a decent kaiju in its own right — durable if not actually entirely immune to human weaponry, strong enough to cause major destruction to anything in its way, surprisingly quick and agile, and thanks to the hermaphroditic egg-laying poses the threat of creating more of itself. If it wasn't for the part where it's supposed to be Godzilla the monster itself probably would have had a better reception (and indeed, countries with less of an idea of what Godzilla is supposed to be did tend to think better of the movie and its monster).
    • Really, while the movie does have its flaws, if the filmmakers hadn't named it Godzilla and had given the beast its own identity, it might have been more well-received.
  • The helicopter chase is easily one of the best remembered moments of the film.
  • Animal actually chasing down Godzilla, not only managing to catch the creature on camera but also survived being stepped on.
  • Admit it. You thought the cab chase was awesome.
  • "That's affirmative! Let me spell it out for you! I want you to blow up Madison Square Garden!"
  • Phillipe Roche is this incarnate. Doubly so for (along with his men) utterly averting the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys trope.