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Funny: Ghost Talkers Daydream

Anime examples

  • Misaki gets reminded by a magazine editor that she agreed to offer her panties as the first place prize for one of their contests. So she had no choice but to take 'em off and hand 'em over, leaving her in nothing but her jean skirt. After she storms out, she gets startled by the janitor and stumbles backward over the power cord to his floor buffer, leaving her sprawled with her legs wide open. The audience doesn't get to see anything, since the janitor's head is in the way, but he gets an eyeful!

Manga examples

From Chapter 1

From chapter 2

From Chapter 11
  • Mitsuru gives Kadotake a CD that has 14 recordings of Misaki using the bathroom, as a sign of appreciation for taking him along to find her. Not only does Kadotake gladly accept, they bond over it.

From Chapter 12

From Chapter 13

From Chapter 16
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