Funny / Freelancer

  • When Trent introduces Juni to Tobias, the Leeds Equipment Dealer who he was apprenticed to, her response is priceless.
    Juni: "And from such humble beginnings, your head grew to its present size?"
    • When Tobias sees Trent with both Juni and Sinclaire in that same scene, he raises an eyebrow as to what Trent was up to. And then he decides to flirt with Juni, much to the latter's annoyance.
  • Before you start the second story mission, you are treated to a cutscene where Trent is reunited with his "business partner," Lonnigan, who has clearly gone mad. Some police officers arrive and tranquilize Lonnigan, and when Trent tries to butt in, he gets K.O.'d by a taser. A few seconds later, Juni wakes him up with a slap in the face.
    "Hey ... hey ... hey, wake up!" * SLAP*
    • With all the physical abuse he's taken over the course of the game, Trent could very much be the story's Butt-Monkey. Just before one of the final missions, Trent names his terms:
    Trent: Sure. As long as I'm not shot at, knocked out, held at gunpoint, electrocuted, skewered alive by giant alien shapeshifters, have to dive out windows or fight off spindly Nomad incubi...everything should be fine.
  • There's a piece of unused dialogue for the scene where Trent heads to the Manhattan Bar. After taking a sip of "Liberty Ale," Trent is disgusted by the taste.
    • in the cutscene that was used Trent's face obviously has a "ugh what did i just drink" look on it after drinking it.
      • Word of God states that a main ingredient of Liberty Ale is recycled H-Fuel waste.
    • Some of Trent's personal logs mentions how much he hates the stuff.
  • According to Trent's log, the reason Tobias was kicked out of the Bretonia Military was because he decided to flirt with a female commanding officer.
  • This troper was annoyed by how some parties of pirate raiders would stop and demand for you to drop your cargo or the cargo that they want. You have two options: drop your cargo and let them pick it up or fight them. However, I came up with a third option. I chose to drop my cargo for them, but before they could take it, I blew up the container right in their face. Their reaction was priceless. You can also just switch on your cruise engines, and fly away and that dialog box will just disappear. As will the pirates.
  • You can actually visit Planet Houston.
  • Anyone from New York ought to be pleased to find that in this game, New York is the center of the universe. Newark and Trenton are little more than stations orbiting Manhattan.
    • Similarly, the game takes sides in the Cambridge-Oxford rivalry. Cambridge is an entire system. Oxford... well, it's on the list of names for random Bretonian transports.
  • Get an endgame VHF loaded with Class 9 weapons, then take on a New York mission. "Mess with the viper, and you get—" DakkadakkaBOOM dakkadakkaBOOM dakkadakkaBOOM!