Funny / FreeSpace

  • On the Silent Threat disk, there are several videos in the secret/supersecret files. One of them has a Vasudan in the kitchen of Volition's old headquarters, where he pulls out a box labeled "Headz" that contains a severed head.
    • Bubup badum bum bum bum.
      • ... *splat*
    • Another shows two Vasudan Thoth fighters flying next to a destroyer. Out of nowhere, a Shivan, not a Shivan fighter, but an actual Shivan, floats through space, latches onto one of the fighters, and punches through the canopy, venting the pilot's atmosphere. The fighter spirals out of control and collides with the destroyer. The way the whole thing happens so fast and with no warning whatsover makes it darkly hilarious.

  • There is some chuckleworthy unused dialogue for Commander Snipes for the SOC mission, "Into the Lion's Den." They can be found as easter eggs in the game file.
    Snipes: That was a little too close. We gotta wait fifteen minutes to change our shorts...(chuckling in the background)...Stop laughing, co-pilot!.

  • Allied Command in FreeSpace 2 is infamous for his tendencies to chastise pilots for mistakes that weren't even their fault.
    Wingman: Damn it, Actium! Watch the friendly fire!
    Command: Avoid the beam and you won't get hit, pilot.

  • If you look at the rear window of the PVF Ra Vasudan Escape Pod, you can see a mooning Vasudan.