Fridge / Freelancer

Fridge Logic
  • All financial transactions, all news, all everything goes through the Neural Net. The neural net serves every faction, regardless of legality or even states of war. So who runs the Neural Net???
    • I heard it's all maintained by Interspace Commerce.
    • Think of the Neural Net as the Internet. That might help.
  • After visiting Malta, two facts become readily apparent: 1) the Outcasts are in fact a sovereign nation, and 2) Cardamine is actually beneficial to your health. Given this, why do the Outcasts continue to operate like a drug cartel? It's profitable, but it also costs lives. Why couldn't they just 1) publish scientific research proving the health benefits of Cardamine, 2) use their incredible wealth to fund enough lobbyists to get Cardamine legalized throughout the colonies, 3) negotiate a peace treaty with the major governments (who would probably be happy to get the Outcasts off their back) and 4) trade openly with the colonies?
    • Because a) it actually is implied to have a negative side-effect beyond the 'lethally addictive' thing (a decrease in fertility), b) it is lethally addictive, and the only faction that can provide it is the Outcasts. No sane government would permit that kind of dependence on another government if they can avoid it.
  • It wouldn't be strange for the Liberty authorities to have mug shots of Trent and Juni, but the photo they publicize in their "Wanted" bulletin is of the two of them smiling together in the same frame, as though they visited a mall photo booth together.
  • Why exactly are the Xenos and Zoners relative allies? They would seem like polar opposites in terms of their respective attitudes to outsiders, but destroying boatloads of Xenos generally makes most other factions friendly to the player, while in contrast, it tanks the player's relations with the Zoners (and pretty much only them). Maybe the Zoners are the only people who can tolerate the Xenos and give them safe harbor?

Fridge Brilliance
  • Freelancer has often been called the king of Acceptable Breaks from Reality due to little things like the fact that everything in Sirius is apparently on the same plane and is astronomically speaking a hop, skip, and a jump away from everything else. Most simply write it off as being a necessary compromise with reality in order to make the game playable. However, after reading the Nomads' backstory written up by one of the game's original creators, the possibility emerged that the outright bizarre characteristics of Sirius that we see ingame may not be (merely) the developers taking the pragmatic approach, but may in fact be the result of Sirius being largely created by the not-so-resident Sufficiently Advanced Alien gods known as the Daam K'Vosh. Needless to say, the entire game could seem quite a bit more ominous now.
  • New York City has been referred to as "the center of the universe". The game starts with Trent looking for work on Planet Manhattan, in the New York system. If you open the map and expand to the Universe View tab, New York is at the center of Liberty space, which is dead center in the Sirius Sector.
  • In one mission, the Liberty Battleship Unity is engaged and destroyed by Attack Group South. Not the first time a defecting South destroyed Unity.
  • The Gameplay and Story Segregation between jump holes supposedly being "dangerous" and actually being perfectly safe in practice makes sense when you consider it's Ageira Technologies, who make jump gates, saying this; of course they'd want people to use their products!