Funny / Frankenweenie

  • The thought of Tim Burton remaking a short film of his for the same company he got fired from for it being "too scary for family viewers."
  • It makes sense that the Japanese kid's pet would turn into a giant Godzilla-like monster.
  • Nassor standing outside of a huge mausoleum saying "Rise, Colossus. Rise from your tomb!" while this huge shadow appears along the inside wall, stomping menacingly towards the doors. It's a hamster.
  • Shelley vs. Colossus.
  • 'Weird Girl' explaining the omen to Victor she received from Mr. Whiskers' littler box. The last one being Nassor:
  • Mr. Rzykruski's line to the townspeople.
    Mr. Rzykruski: You are all ignorant!...Ignorant? Is that the right word? I mean stupid!