Headscratchers / Frankenweenie

  • Um, so what exactly did happen to that invisible goldfish? Anyone?
    • It's likely an homage to The Invisible Man, who went insane before disappearing altogether.
  • Why did Sparky need to be patched up before Victor re-animated him? He got hit by a car, not ripped apart by a mountain lion.
    • He got hit by a car. Have you never seen roadkill? It can get ugly.
    • Victor could have taken some of Sparky apart to fix / replace some broken bones or whatnot, and then sewed him back together. He's a corpse technically, and probably won't heal like a normal dog anymore. He obviously had to put some type of contraption in his neck in order to hold the nuts and bolts that conducted the electricity.
  • Can one make a 3D home movie?
    • By using two lenses that are eye length apart and putting different colored filters on each one.
  • Were there textbooks around the time this movie takes place in that would say Pluto isn't a planet?
    • The movie takes place in nondescript time period that just looks ambiguously like the '50s.
  • I know Idiot Ball and Drama Ball, but how long was Victor expecting to keep Sparky's reanimation secret from his parents?
    • He is a child. Child Prodigy maybe, but still a child. They don't always think these things through.
      • Well, to be fair, at first he did manage to keep it a secret from his parents! They only found out because of unwitting instigators of doom that Victor didn't predict and thus couldn't control.
        • Needing a muffin tin counts as an instigator of doom?
  • Why exactly is this movie called "Frankenweenie"? The dog is named Sparky, the owner is named Frankenstein, and there's no "weenie" anywhere... Couldn't they have just called it "Frankensparky?"
    • Maybe the producers originally planned the film to star a dachshund (AKA wiener dog) instead of a terrier, and didn't get around to changing the title?