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Mr. Whiskers was always the true Big Bad of the movie.

  • Someone else may have said something similar on the main page or on a subpage, but from his introduction and onward, there was always something suspicious about him. If Weird Girl is right, and Mr. Whiskers was able to see something as determined by his turds, then he saw Sparky's death coming, because he possesses some sort of supernatural ability to foresee future events. Furthermore, it is he who set the events of the baseball game in motion — he made it so that Victor would hit the ball, and then made it so that a car would hit Sparky. He even counted on Victor bringing him back to life so that the film's later events would happen. Mr. Burgermeister already held some animosity toward Sparky for messing with his garden, and even though he most likely found out about Sparky through Elsa, Mr. Whiskers thought he could arouse suspicion from him by taunting Sparky and having him run after him, knowing he'd run out and run by Edgar, leading to the whole discovery of the lightning experiment that the kids would try out. Finally, he fetched the bat for Weird Girl with the intention of mutating with the bat into a different and more vicious creature so that he could carry out his evil plan, which was to kill off the dogs in New Holland, and that's why he snatched Persephone, since he knew Sparky would try and save her, and then he would kill him in the windmill once and for all. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to see that sharp piece of wood falling through him.

Weird Girl's name is Cynthia.

  • One of the parents protesting against Mr. Rzykruski says her daughter named Cynthia has been asking her weird questions, and from the looks of it, Weird Girl had at least some interest in science since she participated in the whole resurrection experiment.

Victor won the science fair.

  • His experiment was seen by all, and chances are, despite all the chaos, the townspeople respect Sparky for his bravery at the end.
    • Judging from the enthusiasm the townspeople have in resurrecting Sparky near the end, I'd say this is probably true. Not only that, but the kid is probably now friends with his classmates.

Mr. Burgermeister is somehow related to the Everglots from Corpse Bride.

  • He looks an awful lot like Finis.
  • It's possible that Mr. Burgermeister is a descendant the Everglots.

  • The whole movie was just another film that Victor made starring his dog, only this time with the help of his family and classmates. Sparky's death/reanimation, the kids' undead monster pets, and the fire were just special effects and illusions that they set up. It would also explain the use of Lightning Can Do Anything.